Interactive Augmented Music Experience for Smartphones

December 20, 2016
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Guest post by:  Aitokaiku; editing by Julie Wallace

A brand new interactive music experience for smartphones allows users to create a unique, personal music experience by transforming sounds, movement, and light into a real-time soundtrack.  Aitokaiku’s ( patent-pending reactive music technology composes music automatically so users can create music just by living their life: a train ride, dog walk, or yoga class all become a symphony. Life is transformed into a musical soundtrack when Aitokaiku reacts instantly to dance moves, summer sun, or a chat with a friend.

Aitokaiku music is personal. Using the microphone, light sensor, GPS, and movement sensors on a smartphone, Aitokaiku senses the world around the user and harmonizes an infinite number of visible and invisible voices into music. Listeners can tune into their environment instead of putting on headphones to tune out. App users can share Aitokaiku music with friends all over the globe with no restrictions because Aitokaiku music is created on their device, from their unique moment, and it belongs to the user.


Users control the mood of the music on Aitokaiku by selecting one of the four pre-installed themes created by Aitokaiku, with upcoming Themes ranging from house to heavy metal. It’s that simple—no musical talent is necessary and each Theme can produce an infinite amount of music. Aitokaiku uses smartphone sensors to detect the light, sounds, location, and motion of the user’s world and composes original music that perfectly matches the moment—all in real time.

Created by noted Finnish music producer and techno-DJ Jarno Eerola (also known as DJ Joe Le Bon), Aitokaiku, which means “authentic echo” in Finnish, builds upon Eerola’s previous work synthesizing audience response and various data streams into electronic music. Beginning as a soundscape art project in 2008, Eerola gained renown in 2014 for using Aitokaiku to synthesize the Ebola virus to music. Previous Aitokaiku compositions have been released as full albums and Aitokaiku music was the main sample for a chart-topping music track by DJ Hell in 2012. Aitokaiku Instant Live hardware, created by Eerola, has been used for theatre plays, live concerts, movie soundtracks, and commercial ads before moving to mobile.

Aitokaiku is an easy, inexpensive way to add a rich, augmented music experience to any media experience like apps for web and mobile. Aitokaiku music is the perfect soundtrack for film and media, created by the action in the scene, with no licensing costs, because the music belongs to the user. Brands can create their own themes and have an official music vibe to compliment any customer experience.

Aitokaiku Launches on Android; Coming Soon for iOS

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