Personal Development App: Helping you set and reach new challenges in 2017

goalmap-app-icon-goal-tracking-personal-developmentWhat is your resolution for the New Year? A degree? Read more? Learn a new skill? How do you track your progress? The app goalmap helps inspire you to create new challenges, track them and motivate you.

Goalmap is designed to help you develop personal growth by recording your goals and helping you see your progress. You can record any goal in the app. Popular topics are: study, get a degree, learn coding, or play Chess. Tap the plus sign to set a new goal. Choose the category – Body, Mind or Heart.

You can even define goals such as:  be more generous with tipping; be nice to the checkout clerk or volunteer twice this year.  The app is excellent for professional development but also for personal characteristics.  The goals you define in the app can be big or small.


Set goal notifications to have the app prompt you to add associated goal activities which then allow you to visualize your progress and analyze results. This helps you stay on track and encouraged.

In the past I used paper and notes to track my goals.  Frequently I lost the paper and even forgot where my goal sheet was.  So, I switched to goalmap app to track my personal and professional goals, whether they be big or small.  Visualizing my progress helps significantly.

goalmap-motivation-quotesTips are included along the way to provide motivation and help you accomplish your goals. Tips include things like: setting small goals allows you to see immediate progress and fosters motivation; sharing your goal with a friend(s) helps you reach goals; tracking small achievements along the way is motivating.

The new “Forum” page allows you to talks with other goalmap users. You can ask questions, encourage and motivate each other. This new feature is designed to be inspiring and to help you connect with others who have similar goals.

Goalmap  app is free and available on iOS and Android.


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