CES 2017 Roundup on ABC WLOS News – Hot Tech, Cool Tech, Bizarre Tech. What the consumer electronic future holds.

January 11, 2017
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CES 2017 Review – Hot Tech, Cool Tech, Bizarre Tech.
What the consumer electronics future holds.

CES is the largest consumer electronics & technology showcase and is packed with over 175,000 attendees from around the globe. The exhibit space spans almost 2.5 million square feet. It is THE place to see the latest trends in technology. Some of the consumer tech is useful, some is powerful, some is bizarre, and some is just silly.  The bottom line is, everything is connected from your toothbrush to your bed to your water bottle!

For a quick review of a more tech introduced at CES 2017 visit my twitter feed: @francieblack for pics.

Here are a few highlights that we will be sharing on our  ABC WLOS News Tech Time Segment today.  There will be more to come throughout the year!  So be sure and Subscribe to get the latest updates.


Inirv React Smart Stove Knob

The Inirv React solves a real problem and can potentially save lives. It is a stove dial that fits with your existing stove dial to provide safety functionality. The add-on dial has a stove timer that you can set (ie: Turn off in 5 mins), and, it also automatically turns off the stove if it detects something burning. (Product status: In early startup mode on KickStarter)



Smart Hair Brush by L’Oreal

Kerastase, a leader in professional luxury hair care teamed up with L’Oréal and Withings to create the first ever connected hairbrush. While many guys, including my bald headed husband, may think it is crazy, many women will love it. The sensor on the brush measures the quality of hair and the effects of different hair care routines. The accompanying mobile app provides hair care insights and customized product recommendations. You will get a hair quality score, data on the effectiveness of brushing habits and personalized tips. (Available Fall 2017)



LG Connected refrigerator

We saw connected refrigerators last year at CES but LG’s takes automation to the next level. You can talk to the refrigerator and ask it to add items to your shopping list. Because the LG luxury refrigerator is connected to Amazon’s Alexa, you can add items to your shopping list on Amazon. You can also tap on the door screen panel and it becomes see through so that you can see what is inside without opening the door to conserve energy. The foot sensor automatically opens the refrigerator door for you, which can be helpful if your hands are full of groceries. (Available late 2017)


LG “Wallpaper” TV

TV’s are getting smarter and thinner (I wish I was ;-).  Check out LG’s new “wallpaper” TV.  It is thinner than your finger and when you are not watching TV put a pretty picture on the screen and now you have an awesome photo on the wall that you can change every day.  I love it!


Star Wars Drones

There were drones of every size and shape at CES. My favorite was the Star Wars fighter jet drones that you can actually use to have a battle. Fire laser shots. If you get hit 3x your drone ship hits the ground and you are out of the game. (Shipping soon!)


Surround Sound Headphones by Yinkman Labs

There were thousands of headphones at CES but these Omnos headphones by Yinkman Labs stood out above them all. Words cannot describe the magnificent audio experience created by these surround sound headphones. You could feel the depth of sound and experience the movement of sound around your head. I’ve heard people say music is like a picture to them. This is the first time I have ever experienced that sensation. It was incredible. It was like being in a high-end THX Surround Sound Theatre but 100x better. Every time I saw someone try on these headphones and listened to the sound, their eyes got bigger and bigger with amazement. These pictures don’t do justice but I wanted you to know about these incredible headphones. (shipping soon)surround-sound-headphones

Happy Baby Crib

If your baby cries, you may need this bassinet. The Happy Baby Crib automatically rocks your baby to sleep.

Motorcycle Helmet Brake Light

This startup company, Cosno, allows you to add a flashing brake light to your existing motorcycle helmet. The red light automatically flashes to alert drivers behind you in the same way the 3rd brake light does on a car.  #safety  (Early stage development)


Quick Pod Twist

The inventor of the selfie stick created the new Quick Pod Twist. It allows you to “stick” your phone anywhere to take a picture or for watching videos.  Try sticking your smartphone on your TV, a mirror, monitor, or the back of an airplane seat, etc. (Shipping soon!)



Take a really close look at the glasses she is wearing.  The very cool PogoCam magnetically attaches to glasses and takes a picture with a tap.  Designer brands have adapted the technology so that the PogoCam can be attached to almost any style of prescription eyewear or even sunglasses.



Designer Jewelry Fitness Trackers

There a full line of fun and beautiful fitness trackers that are disguised as jewelry.  You can be in style with anything you wear and be tracking your steps and other health information.  This bangle bracelet is by Kate Spade.  They have a full line of fitness tracker accessory jewelry!  Think Valentine’s Day gifts!



We are just scratching the surface with all of the crazy and fun tech presented at CES this year.  Virtual Reality, holograms, selfie cams, 360 cameras, stylish accessories, home automation, autonomous driving vehicles, STEM toys for kids, connected jewelry, family robot companions and home health devices were just a few of the many incredible products and technologies introduced at CES 2017.  We’ll be featuring many of them throughout the year on ABC WLOS News Tech Time segment.

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