Adobe Spark Video App Feature & Benefits: Combine videos, images, and text to make compelling stories in a flash.

Adobe Spark Video App IconAdobe makes fantastic mobile apps. Spark video is a creative design app by Adobe that allows you to easily combine images, videos and text to create eye-catching videos or, as Adobe calls them, stories.

Adobe Spark app is the easiest and least expensive way I know for creating powerful video stories directly on your mobile device.

The stories created using Spark Video can be used for business or personal use. You can create excellent videos for promoting a product, teaching a lesson, create a family vacation video, show off recipes in a restaurant, feature clothing in a store, beautifully display cars for sale or just about anything.

You create the compelling videos directly on your mobile device by combining the images, videos, & text. You can record voice-over, change fonts and styles all in a few taps.

The app is full of features and easy to use. Pick a template for inspiration and style. A few of the options include: Promote an Idea, Tell a story, and Show & Tell. These templates provide an outline for your slides, transitions and font styles.

Adobe Spark Video Create Stories and videos in a flash using images, video, and text

Next select your images, movies, and add captions.   You can scale the picture and the length of the video (up to 30 seconds). You can even place a picture over video or, picture over picture for a real professional look. When you insert a video you can choose whether or not to mute the audio or let it play. You can add a voice over to any portion of the story. Select background music from a list of options or import your own.

Adobe Spark Video Create Stories and videos in a flash using images, video and text 2

You can share your Adobe Spark Video directly from the app to any social media site, on your website or to social media.  The files are actually stored on the Spark server, which saves you space on your mobile device and makes them available on any device you use – smartphone, iPad, any web-connected computer.  If you desire, you can download the video file locally to your smartphone or other device.

Adobe Spark Video is a powerful tool for business and fun.


The app is free but does have an Adobe Spark Video closing credit slide at the end of every story.


  • iOS – Spark Video is available on iOS – iPhone, iPad, iPod.
  • Android – The Android version is coming soon but as of this writing no date has been published.
  • Web – If you have an Android or Windows smartphone don’t worry!  You can use the web-based version of Adobe Spark Video, which can be found at  You have the same features available using any computer with an Internet connection and browser.

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