Free app to automatically track mileage expense for business. Review & Demo.

Hassle free automatic mileage expense tracking

MileIQ App – Review

If you drive your own car for work and need to track the miles for expense reports, MileIQ app automatically tracks the miles and creates the report for you.  MileIQ automatically detects the miles, calculates your mileage expense and makes the report, all for free (up to 40 drives per month).

MileIQ App IconWhen you hop in the car, the tracking automatically begins. You do not need to start/stop the app. The app uses sensors in the phone to automatically detect when you are driving.

When you finish a drive, a driving card appears in the app showing you the details of the trip – map, miles, potential earnings, date. Swipe right to classify the drive for business or left for personal. To associate a purpose for the drive, like customer visit or delivery, swipe slowly and hold. Then, tap to add the desired purpose. You can add purposes such as Customer Visit, Between Offices, Airport/Travel, etc. For personal drives you can classify them as Commute, Medical, Charity or Moving.  You can also create custom drive categories for personal and business.

This is a “must have” app for business. It turns a tedious task into an efficient and accurate accounting process, saving you time and money.

You will save more time and money than it costs to track the expenses.  The app is so well done, Microsoft purchased the company who makes it.  Be sure and check out the $25.00 referral fee for sharing the app with your friends – see details below.

Automatically Name a Trip

You can even “define” drives to automatically have them labeled. For example, if you make the same trips to a customer’s office multiple times per month you can assign a name to that trip. The next time you drive to the location it will automatically be named. This defined trip shows up in your monthly reports.

MileIQ App Review Demo - Track mileage expenses automatically for free

Customize Work Driving Hours

If you work odd hours you can set the app to track your drives during your work schedule. You can set different work times for any day of the week. For example, if you make deliveries from 2 PM to 9 PM on Tuesdays’ and from 1 PM to 6 PM on Fridays, you can easily set the app to track drives during those specific hours.

Add Notes, Tolls, Parking Expense

You can also easily associate related costs, such as tolls or parking fees, to a drive. This keeps all of your drive expense notes and records in one place.  In addition, there is an option for notes, allowing you to add any extra details you would like to make about the trip.

Auto Generated Reports for Work & Taxes

Monthly and annual reports are automatically generated that you can provide to the office. The reports are emailed for submitting to your office or for taxes. Tap on the month you want to see then, tap Send Report. You can view the reports as a pdf or download the data as a CSV (comma separated value) doc.

MileIQ Driving limit reached -free mileage expense tracking app - 40 drives per month for free - review demoPricing & Platforms

The app is free for 40 drives a month or $5.99/month for unlimited drives. It is available on iOS and Android.

Use the following referral link to download the app:  If you use a referral link you can earn a commission for sharing the app.

Earn a MileIQ App Review & Demo - Track mileage expenses automatically for free - referral fee$25 Referral Fee

A new feature recently implemented allows you to earn a bit of revenue for referring someone to the app. Every user, on free or paid version, gets a personal referral link that allows them to earn a commission when your referral upgrades to the annual plan.

To get your referral link, (create an account, you can use my referral link:  Then install the app.  Once you have the app open, tap on the menu bar in the upper left corner.  Then tap Refer a Friend > Copy your personal link.  Share it with your friends, co-workers, and family.  You can Text Invite and Email Invites as well.


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