Otto Radio – The personalized podcasts & audio news feed app. Review, Features, Benefits

February 15, 2017
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Otto Radio –

The personalized radio app for top podcasts & audio news.

Article contributor:  Alex Loomis, Otto Radio CMO & VP of Content Development.

Otto Radio LogoOtto Radio is a personalized aggregator of top podcast and audio news that strings the content together to create a single radio broadcast just for you. The app helps you find interesting stories on topics that interest you most.   Instead of listening to typical radio content you can have Otto Radio find and curate podcasts and specialized news on the topics you want to hear about.  You can play your personalized news feed on or offline within the mobile app or on the web.

The app is simple to use and as a result I listen to more podcasts and bytes of news that I enjoy.  It automatically creates and updates my playlist with fresh content throughout the day.

Otto Radio Categories screen capture
Within the app choose your desired topics from 22 different categories that range from fashion, to fitness, food, healthcare, lifestyle, music and more. If there is a topic you want to hear more about that is not included in the category options, enter a keyword to include podcasts and news on that topic in your radio feed. For example, enter keyword Tennis to hear news and podcasts related to the sport. There is something for everyone.

Further customize your mix of podcasts and news for mornings, evenings and weekends. You can specify that you want to hear “Extra News” in the mornings or “Just Podcasts” on the weekends.

Otto Radio is a simple and useful app for keeping you informed on topics most important to you.

Otto Radio Play Screen String together podcast and newsWhen you are ready to play your broadcast mix, specify how much time you have to listen – 18 mins, 30 mins, 90 mins, or “Road Trip!”. Your personalized broadcast mix plays for the specified timeframe.

In January 2017 Otto Radio announced an Investment from Samsung NEXT, the venture capital arm of Samsung Group. Otto Radio is developing the technology (API) that allows many electronic devices to transport the premium personalized media experience to devices – from home, to car, to mobile. For example, Otto Radio recently integrated with Uber to automatically set the broadcast mix play time to match your ride time.

Otto Radio curates its content through exclusive content partnerships and is constantly adding new partners to the line up.  They also pull content from public RSS feeds.

The app helps you discover news and podcasts focused on your interests. Your personalized audio feed travels with you from home, to car, to the train, and to the office.

Otto Radio is free and available on iOS, Android and the web.

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