Dropbox Paper Collaborative live worspace tool

Dropbox Paper App – A simple and powerful collaboration tool with live editing

Dropbox Paper App

The new collaborative workspace tool by the makers of Dropbox

Dropbox Paper, is a new flexible workspace app where you can easily combine text, images, galleries, tasks & even presentations – all within a single fluid document.   The super power comes in when you collaborate with others who can contribute and comment with modern “live editing” features. The app is designed to have many project pieces all within a single shared document for simplifying and facilitating team collaboration.

You immediately notice the simple and clean user interface, allowing you to focus on the content without distractions. You can gather ideas and quick feedback from your team in the form of text, task lists, code, embedded images, audio and video. Click + to add various kinds of content:

Dropbox Paper Rich Text

  • Images – With a quick tap you make images full width, small, left or right aligned. Adding multiple images automatically turns them into a photo gallery.
  • Dropbox Paper Image GalleryDropbox – Embed files from your Dropbox folder directly within your Paper doc. You can embed pdf docs, movies, Excel docs and more. This keeps you from having to navigate through various directories and applications to see related project items. Everyone can see the Dropbox files in the single Paper document and changes made to them are updated automatically.
  • Tasks – Task lists can be assigned to collaborators and with assigned due dates. Reminders are sent out as the deadline approaches.
  • Tables – Create simple tables for organizing data. Adding and removing columns and rows has never been so easy.
  • Code – If you are are a programmer you can even insert code for review by the team. The code box supports over a dozen different languages including Java, C++, Perl, HTML and many more.

Dropbox Paper Code

  • Videos – Embed videos through your Dropbox links or simply paste the embed code from YouTube to play a video directly within the paper doc.

Sharing & Live Editing

Dropbox Paper Team MembersSharing with members doesn’t mean sending a link where they can open, edit, or download the file. Within Dropbox Paper, multiple team members can make edits to the single document, all at the same time. You can see which team members are live on the document and where they are editing. I call it “live editing.” Any team member can interactively post text, image galleries, tasks, in a single active shared file.

Modern Commenting & @mentions

Dropbox Paper Modern Commenting with EmojisComments are designed to feel more like conversations and a way to express yourself. Emoji’s and animated gifs are built directly in to the comment field allowing you to share some personality and fun. Pressing : opens the emoji options anywhere you are typing. You can reply to comments directly within the doc.

You can tag any team member to draw their attention to any section using @mentions. Simply type @ and the list of team members opens. Select the team member from the list. They receive a notification that they have been mentioned in the doc.

You can see comments, shares and @mentions in one organized list.

Presentation Mode

If you want to share your workspace with a group in a more formal setting you can turn on Presentation Mode. This hides all of the top and side admin area making your document presentation ready! There is no need to recreate slides in another application. To rearrange any section of content for the presentation, simply click on it and drag it to the desired area. It is super easy and fast.

Key Benefits

Dropbox Paper is a single shared file where you can easily see and edit all project files and notes. In a typical project you might use a project management tool, word processing docs, spreadsheet docs, and a directory of images. Dropbox Paper combines all of those elements into a single shared doc designed to make collaboration creative and easy.

Your project notes plus any added by your team members are seamlessly synced across all of your devices.


Dropbox paper is available on iOS, Android and on the web for easy project access anywhere, anytime. You can edit the shared Dropbox paper app from your Android or IOS mobile device, as well as, using the browser of any Internet connected PC.


  • Free for basic account
  • Pro Version available for more advanced features


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