Volvo is Integrating Microsoft’s Skype for Business in 90 Series

March 5, 2017
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Volvo Cars envisions a future where in-car productivity tools will enable people to work on the way to and from the office, allowing for less time spent at the workplace and more time enjoying personal activities.  Volvo Cars is the first car maker to launch such an in-car productivity tool.

Volvo drivers will be able to take full advantage of calendar-based meetings and conference calls while on the move, increasing productivity and most importantly, safety. Microsoft’s Skype for Business means that you can securely connect with up to 250 people in the same call – whether they are using Skype for Business or not, making it perfect for conference calls on the move.


Volvo Cars’ approach to the application of technology in their cars is grounded in the desire to make their customers’ lives easier and safer by using the latest relevant technology in a smart way.  Volvo’s partnership with Microsoft also includes the exploration of using Cortana, Microsoft’s intelligent personal assistant, with the express intention of adding seamless voice recognition and contextual insights to support peoples’ daily lives by actively predicting their needs.

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