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March 7, 2017
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Guest Post by Jen Wong,; editing by Francie Black

If there’s something specific you want to watch on a streaming device, how do you figure out where it’s available?

You have Netflix. Then, maybe you tacked on Hulu. Once everyone started raving about Game of Thrones, you added HBO Now to the mix.  Every new streaming source means yet another app to check and more time spent looking for something to watch.  More people are subscribing to streaming services, like Hulu, Netflix, Showtime, and HBO Now, but finding what to watch is getting harder and harder.

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A startup called Reelgood wants to help. Their centralized hub lets people browse and watch TV shows and movies from multiple services from a single destination.  You can use the Reelgood mobile app, website, or the recently launched Apple TV app which functions just like the website to search for movies and TV shows from over 40 top streaming services including:

– Netflix

– Hulu


– Amazon Prime Video

– Showtime, Starz

– FXNow

– Starz

– Xfinity

– Fandango Now


– Food Network


– National Geographic

– The CW

– Comedy Central


– History

– Lifetime



– Vice


The Reelgood mobile app makes finding your favorite programming easy. Check out the mobile app quick demo & details.

Reelgood App Review and demo Find ot which streaming service carries the movie and at what priceSince the mobile app is currently only available for iOS, Android and Windows users can find the same features on the website. Content can be easily streamed from the website using a Google Chromecast or Apple’s AirPlay giving you a similar look and feel as Apple TV. Content is divided into two sections: “Movies” or “TV” and there’s a search box if you’re looking for a particular title.

You can build a watchlist, which is helpful for tracking shows you’re currently watching and when they come back on, as well as movies that you want to watch.

Each piece of content also has a critic’s and audience score, description, run time, director, cast, and rating.

In addition, Reelgood shows you “similar” content suggestions underneath each show or movie, based on what other Reelgood users liked. If you create an account with Reelgood using Facebook, you can see recommendations from friends and family.

AppleTV users who use either Netflix or Amazon — will want to check out the Reelgood app or website since Apple’s new “TV” app doesn’t support either of these services, but Reelgood does. If you’re not an Apple user, Reelgood is a great way to get Apple’s “TV” experience for free, and without being limited by Apple’s ecosystem.  Apple’s “TV” also lacks friends recommendations, so if you like to pick what to watch based on that new show your friend is obsessed with, then Reelgood is where you’ll want to start.

Reelgood is available on the web now at and the iPhone and Apple TV apps are available in the App Store for free.

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