6 Apps to Transform the Way You Travel

March 31, 2017
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Guest Post by: Alexandra Shostak, CopyPress.

When you’re looking for great travel apps, your options extend far beyond the ones that find hotels and book flights. Some of the most innovative travel apps will translate foreign text or speech, hail you a cab, and even dry-clean and ship your clothes. Download these apps to improve your business trips, road trips, and family vacations. Let technology take care of the stressful aspects of traveling so that you can enjoy your time away from home.


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DUFL: The Personal Bag Shipping Service

Free to download on both iOS and Android, the DUFL app is your luxury business attire travel service. First, set up a DUFL account through the app and wait for your welcome kit, which includes a special DUFL suitcase. Then pack the bag with the items you could use on your trips, letting the app know when you’ve finished. DUFL will have your bag picked up, inventory your items, and store them. When you’re ready to travel, use the DUFL app to choose the clothes you’ll need, and DUFL will dry-clean them and send the bag to your destination hotel.

When you’re ready to go home, use the app to arrange the pick-up of your bag at your hotel. If you travel often, especially for business, the DUFL app is extremely convenient.

Wiffinity: Find Password-Protected Hotspots

Never be far from a Wi-Fi connection when you’re traveling by downloading the free Wiffinity app. This Android app connects you with thousands of free, password-protected Wi-Fi hotspots around the world; the company’s goal is to hook travelers up with free and secure Wi-Fi in every city. High data charges and buying temporary overseas service become a thing of the past with Wiffinity.

Google TranslateGoogle Translate: Find Out What They’re Saying

Traveling to places where you don’t speak the language can be nerve-wracking even when you learn some key phrases. That’s where Google Translate comes in. This free iOS and Android app sets itself apart from the others with its camera feature: You can take a picture of text in one of 37 languages, and Google Translate can tell you what it says in your native tongue.

When you use Google Translate on a compatible Android smartphone, you don’t even need to take a picture to get a translation. Just hold up the dual-pixel camera on your Galaxy S7 edge to a phrase, even in low light, and get an instant translation into one of 29 languages. Conversation mode helps you when interacting with people. Plus, 103 languages are available when you type phrases into the app.

TripIt: The Travel Organizer

TripIt creates a digital itinerary of all your travel plans. Stop switching between apps and emails to find out your flight number or the address of your hotel. Download TripIt free on Android or iOS and start forwarding your confirmation emails to the app. The app sorts through the data and creates a comprehensive itinerary for all your plans. TripIt will also sync with your calendar so that your itinerary shows up where you need it most.

GasBuddy: For the Best Gas Prices

Frequent road trippers need the GasBuddy app. Download it free on your iPhone or Android device and start discovering the best gas prices wherever you go. Search by city or zip code to find prices that other travelers report in real time. Do some price reporting yourself to help other travelers and to earn points and awards. Plus, every day you use the app, you could win $100 in free gas.

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Curb: The Taxi App

Rely on the free Curb app to get taxis in the U.S. cities you travel to. It’s free to download for both iOS and Android users. Through the app you can book a ride now, reserve a ride for later, track your taxi as it heads your way, and pay for your ride with your credit card. When your ride is over, you can rate the experience and offer comments. Never again be intimidated by the thought of hailing a cab!

Make the most of your travel when you download these creative travel apps. Some provide assistance even when you’re going only an hour away from home, whereas others will simplify your overseas travel in unexpected ways. Now all you have to do is find some fabulous new destinations.

Alexandra Shostak is a Florida-based writer with a background in English who loves to focus on business, home improvement, and the craft of writing. 




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