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BrilliantPad: The Self-Cleaning Dog Potty

BrilliantPad: The Self-Cleaning Dog Potty

Guest Post by:  Alan J. Cook, CEO and Founder


BrilliantPad™ is an automatic, self-cleaning potty pad, designed for use by puppies and dogs under 35 pounds, for when circumstances inhibit outdoor activity.

Our team invented the original ScoopFree® self-cleaning cat litter box, which has gone on to worldwide success, and is now sold through Petsmart, Petco, and Amazon.

Following this launch, we noticed that small dogs are more popular than ever, and there have been no real innovations in potty pads since their introduction 40 years ago.

The most common complaints with using pads are the smell, clean up, and the dog shredding the pad. In fact, one of the BrilliantPad co-creators had two dogs themselves, and while working long hours, was coming home to find soiled shredded pads all over the place. Not an ideal scenario for the home at all.

We also know that while taking a dog outside is the best-case scenario, sometimes this isn’t possible, especially when housetraining, when dog or owner is sick, during cases of extreme weather, if the dog is elderly, if it’s the middle of the night – these and many other reasons are why BrilliantPad exists.

While indoor dog toilets have been attempted, none have managed to circumvent the three major issues of dog waste removal – odor, handling, and cleaning. BrilliantPad’s technology rolls the pad away automatically, providing you with a fresh pad, while the soiled pad is rolled into a waste-sealing, odor-locking receptacle.

Puppy rug playEven better, each pad roll lasts up to one month with one dog, and is the equivalent of 27 regular dog pads. Soiled rolls are wrapped and capped and your hands only touch clean surfaces during disposal. This makes replacement fast, easy and clean — without having to see, smell or come into contact with any of the unpleasant mess you are trying to avoid. The disposable take-up rod and caps are made with EcoPure® and biodegrade in most landfills.

Each BrilliantPad roll is 80% thinner and uses 33% less material than traditional pads, however the super-absorbent polymer in the materials is able to soak up liquids and dry out solids at maximum efficiency, meaning no leaks or odor, and the connected, strong pad roll minimizes any potential shredding woes.

BrilliantPad is veterinarian tested and approved as it provides a clean, safe and hygienic solution for dogs, owners and their homes. The system comes complete with a training guide, designed by animal behaviourists, so that owners are able to teach their dogs how to transition from regular dog pads, or even learn how when starting from scratch.

BrilliantPad has had vigorous testing from 20 dogs over the past two years of its development cycle, and participating dog families have welcomed the innovative design, reliability, and positive impact on dog health. Being able to spend less time cleaning up after you dog, and spending more time bonding, is something that has been shown to enhance the relationship between dog an owner, and having a solution that is easier, cleaner and more sanitary than traditional dog pads has been met with an incredibly positive response.

BrilliantPad is currently available for pre-order at

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