Easy and Convenient Journaling – Anytime, Anyplace.

April 5, 2017
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JRNL App – Features & Benefits

Easy and Convenient Journaling – Anytime, Anyplace

JRNL App Review Demo Features Benefits Pros Cons App IconPersonal journaling is a method of saving thoughts for self-reflection and growth. Using an app to journal allows you to capture those thoughts when and where they happen. I like to quickly snap a picture of my kids at a school event then jot a few notes about their experience and my feelings as a parent.

There are many diary apps that emphasize different journaling needs – spiritual, healing, family, etc. They all have different features but none are perfect. The app JRNL is an award-winning app that is simple & unique in several ways. It has many excellent features but there are a few options it is missing. So, before deciding on which app to use decide what features are most important to you!

Photos & Formatting

JRNL App Review Features Benefits Pros Cons Diary AppWith JRNL you can add multiple photos to any entry. This is a critical feature for me. I like to snap a shot or two of where I am or whom I’m with, then write a short paragraph about the event. You can also format the text with titles if you would like your entry to have some basic style. And, of course, you can always use Siri for quick typing.

Syncing between Web & Mobile

JRNL App Entry Online Web versionI like the convenience of having the journal with me almost all of the time. If I have a quick thought I want to record, I can do it in a snap. If I want to make longer entries, I can do that on the web based version of the app. You can access your journal entries from any Internet connected computer. If you lose or damage your phone you still have access to your account via any web browser.

Personal Insights

JRNL App Review Features Benefits Pros Cons Diary App All About MeThe “All About Me” section records specific personal insights. To get a full profile, answer the questions about your family, education, and growing up. You can record things like “Share valuable advice your father gave you.” or “Where were your parents born?”  This is an easy way to get started and it prompts you will all the right questions.


There are a few ways to organize you entries. You can create multiple journals – maybe a new journal each year or one for each child. If you add tags to your journal entries you can search for entries by tags. For example maybe you have tags for happy, sad, grief, love.

Keepsake Book

JRNL App Review Features and BenefitsYou can even turn your journal into a keepsake book using the apps publishing tool. If you create a journal for each year, you may want to have it printed in book format for the year.  You can customize the text on the cover and spine.  The books are hard cover, printed in color or black and white, and can have up to 900 pages.  They are a little pricy but remember that JRNL app is free so you are paying for the service when you print your book, which I think is fair and reasonable.

eMail Entries

JRNL App Review Demo Features Benefits Journal Email AddressEvery diary you create within the JRNL app get a unique email address. If you forward or send an email to the journal email address a new entry is created with the content of the email. So if Grandma or your husband sends a special email note, forward it to the journal and it will have an automatic entry.

A few Missing Features

Doodling – Unfortunately you can’t doodle or draw within a journal entry. Sometimes I like to draw a little sketch to show my feelings or thoughts. You can add emoji’s though, which sometimes works better than (my) drawings. If you prefer a personal sketch you can use an app like Sketchbook to draw an image then insert it into the entry as a pic.

Text Color – I also wish there were text color options, which I like to use for showing mood and personality.  Sometimes I like to write in red, blue or pink depending on how I’m feeling.

Single Print / Export– JRNL app does not provide the option to print individual journal pages from the mobile app or the website. The company offers the book print option instead. If you decide you don’t want to use JRNL any longer, there is no great way to export or retrieve your entries.

No journal app has every feature you need.  JRNL is excellent but if it doesn’t work for you, figure out what features are a priority then pick your app.  Using JRNL, or other diary apps, helps busy people keep up with a diary.  JRNL makes keeping a diary easy and convenient by capturing moments when they happen.


  • Free

Download Links

  • iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/jrnl-com/id1036338627?mt=8
  • Android – JRNL app is not available for Android users. However, there are many similar diary apps on the Google Play store. Hopefully this article helps you narrow down which features are most important to you. And you can always use the web-based version.
  • Web – JRNL.com The web version of the app has been around for many years.


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