Unfade, an award winning photo scanner app releases major update with enhanced features

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By:  Unfade.io


Unfade Logo Extended - BlackUnfade is the photo album scanner in your pocket. It’s the best way to rapidly capture analog photos and share them seamlessly between friends and devices. Automatic photo detection in the camera and cropping of the pictures enables users to quickly create shareable copies and safeguard their memories. Moreover, intelligent filters revive photos by bringing back faded colors. Unfade now also allows adding titles, places and dates (metadata changes) in order not to lose relevant information. Unfade’s ease-of-use and feature set takes out the hassle of turning shoeboxes of photos into lasting memories. It’s so fast and easy that you actually want to do it.

Bringing order into chaos One of the new possibilities is to add metadata (EXIF) like places, titles and dates to photos. So all the handwritten notes from the photo album will find their way to the digitized version of it. Users can choose from a multitude of options and it’s even possible to pick decades or seasons if the exact date can’t be remembered anymore. This also has the effect that the photos will be sorted into the correct chronological order if they are exported, e.g. to the Apple Photos app. Furthermore, scans can be sorted into albums and users can reorder the sequence of pictures to their hearts content.

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Seamless sharing and exporting Moreover, for this new version we have integrated a synchronization feature between iOS devices via iCloud. So if you have an iPad, everything stays in sync and you can enjoy your photos on the larger screen. Photos can also be exported to iCloud Drive so that they can be easily accessed on a PC or Mac and imported back to any app or service you like. As we explained earlier, there’s no lock-in whatsoever and no need to send them to a specific cloud. With this option, reminiscing about the past is easier than ever before. And thinking about #ThrowbackThursdays: users are now able to share their photos instantly to Facebook. If a date has been set the picture will be automatically inserted at the point of time it was taken on an user’s timeline.

Enhancing the engine Furthermore, this update contains the results of putting a lot of work into the “engine under the hood”. We tweaked the algorithm to better detect and crop photos automatically, increased the performance, decreased the memory footprint as well as battery usage and polished the UI with lots of new animations and interface tweaks.

Freemium version Last but not least with version 2.0 we are adopting the freemium business model of our other app Scanbot (link). Unfade 2.0 is now also available as a free app with a one-time In-App purchase to unlock the complete functionality. The current version in the App Store will be renamed to Unfade Pro and we will continue to offer it as an upfront paid download. Both versions contain the same feature set. The update will be free of charge for existing users.

About the team The team behind Unfade (doo GmbH) is setting the standard for mobile scanning technology. Apple awarded their document scanner app Scanbot Best of 2014 & 2015 and also featured it as Editors’ Choice. Scanbot for iOS and Android has achieved more than 7 million downloads and an average rating of 5.0 stars in the App Store and 4.14 stars in the Play Store. doo GmbH is based in Bonn (Germany) and was founded by three serial entrepreneurs, amongst them Frank Thelen (https://frank.io), successful angel investor and juror in the German version of the startup TV show “Shark Tank”.

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