Apple’s New Clips App: Make fun videos for social media while on the go!

April 26, 2017
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Apple’s New Clips App

Make Fun Videos for any Social Media Site While on the Go

Apple's Clips App Free social media video appApple just released a simple & fun video creation app, named Clips. Clips allows you make uniquely creative videos with just a few taps, then instantly share them on your favorite social media sites. Clips is not a replacement for iMovie as its feature set is limited and different.  There are no timelines, editing track or editing tools. The features in the Clips App are focused on quick, on the go editing that combine fun, silly and unique elements that are centric to social media.  You can upload your Clips for sharing on just about any social media site.

Add personality to any social media video post quickly and easily with Apple’s new Clip’s App.

Using Clips

The user interface for Clips is good but can be a little confusing. To make a Clips movie, record live video or add videos from your library. To use a portion of an existing video, you essentially record a portion of it into your new Clips video. You can also add photographs that you will “record” for the number of seconds you want the image to show in the clip. Drag the various video and picture elements around to reorder them.

Quick Demo of Features


Select each video element and apply various filters to create a unique look. The two most unique filters are “Comic Book” and “Ink”.   In this 1.0 version of the app there are only 8 filters. I expect that Apple will add more over time.

Emojis, Message Bubbles & Other Graphics

Apple's Clips App Features Benefits Social Media Video With Speech BubblesAdd fun social media elements such as emojis, message bubbles, formatted text, and arrows to any portion of your video. You can size them (using pinch gestures), rotate them and move them anywhere on the video.

Title & Closing Graphics

To add a fun text graphics to your video, go to the last video element. An option for Text will appear on the top menu. Choose from templates such as “Happy Birthday”, “Cheers”, etc.   You are selecting a style more than the text since you can edit the text to match the content of your video.


Don’t forget to add music to your clip. There is a wide selection of music soundtracks to choose from: pop, playful, chill, etc. You can choose whether or not to mute the audio on the original video.

Live Titles

Live Titles is one of the coolest features of Clips. While you are recording you can have titles automatically created while you speak. There are xx different types of title formats. Select the one you want then start recording and talking. The titles will automatically be created while you speak! The feature works very well but is not perfect every time.

Apple's CLips App Social Media Video App Emoji


When you are finished with your creation, you can share it instantly on any of your social media sites. You are not limited to a single site. You can also save it to your camera roll or share it via Air Drop.

On the Go Creation

Clips App makes plain videos come to life quickly and easily. It is designed for fun & simple on the go mobile creation. You can make a fun clip and share it with the world in just a few minutes – all with silly emojis & message bubbles. You don’t need an expensive editor or PC to make the videos.


Clips is in its early stages of development (V1.0) and I expect that over time the features, filters and user interface will all continue to improve. It is a great start to a fun social media app.  Clips app is free and available on iOS for iPhone or iPad.

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