Moving? Track your valuables with images, text and value in a single app.

May 3, 2017
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How to keep track of your valuables & stuff in an organized and easy way

Sortly App Review & Demo

Sortly App Icon - Review Features BenefitsIf you are clearing out home clutter, moving or home organizing this spring – Sortly app is the perfect companion. Sort your life with a visual inventory of your stuff using pictures, tags and notes.

How it works

Sortly app allows you to easily organize and inventory your valuables by location, room or category. Add items for each room by taking pictures of the items then add any desired notes such as price, quantity, value and a description. Sortly is great for tracking furniture, collectables, antiques, jewelry, electronics or anything of value. This is an excellent tool to help you keep track of items if you are moving or want to keep a personal inventory. The information can be useful for insurance purposes as well. If you add a dollar value to your items the app keeps a running value total of the items in your home.

If you feel like it is overwhelming to record every item individually try taking a single pictures of multiple items. For example, take one picture of a set of 5 antique books, rather than taking a picture of each book. Or, take one picture of three or four rings then add a description in the notes field. This saves a lot of time and still helps you keep track of your valuable belongings.

If you have items in a storage unit, this is an excellent tool for tracking what you have put away temporarily.

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Your dashboard shows you how many entries you have made, the number of items tracked and the total value. You will be surprised at how quickly the value of your personal items adds up.

Lent & Warranty Items

Other cool features include tracking items you loan out to others. When you loan an item out you can add the picture, date, person’s name and the date it is due back. Sortly app will even give you a reminder notification.

If your item is under warranty you can add that information as well. If you get a new washer and dryer you can record the date you purchased the item and the length of the warranty.

All of your valuable item information is stored in one place.

Exporting & Importing

If you have previously made a list of your home inventory in an excel spreadsheet you can import the information into the Sortly app. Likewise, you can export your inventory as a .csv file (text file without images) or as a .pdf with images.


The free version allows you to track 200 items. This is great for getting started. To track more than 200 items you will need the premium version, which gives you unlimited entries and extra features including the ability to access your inventory via any PC with a web browser.   Sortly App premium is a one-time fee of $9.99.

Download Links

Unfortunately, Sortly app is not available on Android.

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