Tech Gift Guide for Mom: No Wilting. No Melting. Just Pure Tech Fun.

May 10, 2017
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Mother’s Day Tech Gifts

Fun, fashionable & fabulous. And, they won’t wilt or melt.

I picked some of my personal favorites as Mother’s Day gift ideas this year.  I’ve got products that are for the working mom, the active mom, the fashion mom and the practical mom.  I found many of these at CES 2017 earlier this year. Enjoy and have fun! Don’t forget to like and subscribe to get the articles each week in your inbox.  That way, you will never miss a beat!

Stylish Urbana Laptop/Mobile office Briefcase by Moshi

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I genuinely love this bag. It is simple, stylish, functional, slim, excellent quality and unique. What more could you ask for?? I’ve tested multiple of the Moshi products and they are well made, unique and reasonably priced for the high quality. This bag has space for a laptop, tablet, phone and pockets for all of the corresponding adapters and power accessories. You can also fit your personal items. The Urbana 15” briefcase comes in 3 colors: Coral, Blue, Grey.   The Urbana Mini holds a 12” laptop & iPad and comes in 2 colors: Coral & Metro Black.

GekkoPod Flexible Smartphone Mount by ZBam

The world’s most flexible smartphone mount

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GekkPod is the world’s most flexible mount for your smartphone or action camera. Its adjustable legs can be easily wrapped around almost anything to get the perfect shot – bicycle handles, strollers, backpacks, etc. With its adjustable structure it is compact and can be thrown into any travel bag or backpack. The secure hold keeps your items safe as it is made from a durable silicone construction with a steel internal structure designed to survive the wear and tear of everyday use.  It is waterproof and can even be used as an underwater camera mount. It is designed to fit all smartphones in addition to point and shoot cameras and action cameras (including GoPro cameras).

Huawei Fit – Stylish Fitness Watch by Huawei

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For the active mom, the Huawei Fit is a sleek, stylish, waterproof fitness tracker with customized running plans, plus features like smartphone alerts and continuous heart rate monitoring. And with TruSleepTM monitoring technology, Huawei Fit even measures REM, stable and unstable sleep patterns.

Pair Huawei Fit with your Android phone or iPhone, and easily track your training progress and sleep regimen with the Huawei Wear app. The app generates insights and personalized advice to help improve your fitness as well as your shut-eye.

I personally like the Huawei Fit because I can wear it when I’m dressed up or dressed down. It is thin and stylish and even fits on my small wrist. It meets all of my exercise needs & beyond while looking great.

Huawei Fit comes in several color options, including black, orange and blue. It’s listed at $130 and provides great value that keeps pace with mom’s busy lifestyle – available through and

Picture Keeper – On the go Storage Device by Simplified IT Products, LLC

Picture Keeper Smartphone Back up Storage DeviceLook around – you see that mom, dad or best friend snapping pictures at a graduation, Memorial day party, or wedding? They want to preserve those memories, but what good is it if eventually, they’ll run out of space on their smartphone?  With Picture Keeper Connect, #JustGoShoot – the ultra convenient photo backup system will do the rest. Like the 13 million+ photos on Instagram with the #JustGoShoot hashtag, Picture Keeper motivates you to follow the advice of this uber popular social media following!

Capture the priceless memories from any of your summer travels, Memorial Day, graduation, Father’s Day or Mother’s Day with Picture Keeper Connect! No WiFi? No data? No problem! It works anywhere and because your files aren’t stored online, you maintain control of your photos. Picture stores pictures, videos and contacts.

Other key features include: Lights up so you know the device is working, watch the pictures on screen as it backs up, select all files, specific images or specify a folder to back up, option to remove backed up files, print from your backup, and select pics to restore.  More info at Picture keeper connect.

Compatible with iOS devices & Android with an Android connect cable ($9.99)


  • 16GB $119.99
  • 32GB $139.99
  • 64GB $179.99

Huawei Watch – The Elegant Smart Timepiece by Huawei

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If you are looking for a special gift for mom that shouts love, try the Huawei Watch.  It is stylish, sophisticated and smart.  The Huawei Watch Elegant helps time-strapped moms multitask and manage their busy schedules with a built-in speaker for calls on the go, Google voice commands, notifications, and apps. It’s a beautiful way to make every minute count.  To see all of the different beautiful band options and styles check out Huawei Wearables.

The watch is compatible with iOS and Android!  It pairs with any Android phone and is one of the first watches powered by Android Wear® to work with iPhone.

1Voice – Wireless Fitness Earphones by

Go Wireless For Your Workout with 1 Voice

OneVoice Wireless Fitness EarphonesUsing the most cutting edge Bluetooth technology paired with quality precision craftsmanship, 1 Voice has created one of the smallest and most lightweight earphones for all your adventures. They are an excellent audio companion for your workout as they stay in place during vigorous exercise.

Ergonomically designed to sit comfortably in and around your ear, you can go for a jog, hit the gym, or do your daily commute without worrying about them falling out. As an added bonus, each earphone has its own speaker, Bluetooth chip, battery AND mic so they can work independently or when paired together.

Photo book by Photo Affections

Make a photo book in minutes directly from your smartphone.

Digital Scrapbooking Class with iPhoto Mobile AppFreePrints Photobooks app by Photo Affections:  Give a gift that lasts a lifetime.  There is no mother on Earth that won’t love a photo book of her family.  The secret is, you can make it in about 10 minutes directly from your smartphone.  You don’t need to upload images to your computer or to an online service – which is time consuming and frustrating.  Using the FreePrints Photobook app for iOS or Android, you can select the pictures you want in the book in minutes.  Change layouts and add captions, if desired.  Select print directly from the app and the order will be placed with PhotoAffections, the makers of the FreePrints Photobook app.

For my full review on FreePrints Photobooks app and pricing click here.


  • A soft cover book with up to 20 pages is free with a $7.99 shipping charge.  Hard cover and extra pages are extra.

FreePrints Photobooks app is free.  Direct download links:


Happy Mother’s Day!

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