How to use Apple’s Workflow App for Automating Repetitive Tasks on your iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch

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How to automate repetitive tasks on your iPhone.


Workflow App by Apple iPhone iPad Apple Watch Automation ToolIf you find yourself doing repetitive tasks on your smartphone, you can automate them using an app called Workflow, which was recently acquired by Apple. Workflows allow you to get tasks done faster, with a single tap.

Create Workflows by joining multiple app actions and services. If you have a task that you do daily that requires many steps (taps) and uses multiple apps, you can create a workflow that does all of the steps for you. If the process requires input from you, the process can pause while you put in the input (such as an email address). You can save the workflow as an app icon on your home page.

For example, you can create a workflow that automatically sends yourself, or your boss, an email with your daily meeting schedule. Or, you can create a workflow that automatically resizes and formats your last image then uploads it to Dropbox or to social media.

My Workflows Apple App

My Workflows

The easiest way to get started is by experimenting with existing Workflows found in the Gallery.   There are many common tasks already created and you can easily edit them to meet your needs.

Here is a workflow that makes a personal Gif for sharing.

Here is a workflow that emails your schedule to yourself.  This is a much more complex workflow and some steps eliminated from example):

Click for larger image.

Workflows are for business or personal tasks and can be very simple or complex. You will get the most benefit out of Workflows by automating task you do repetitively, rather than tasks you do once in a while. If you are tapping 10 – 20 times to do a task on your phone, and it you do it frequently, it is probably a good candidate for Workflow. Here are some suggest workflows from Apple:


  • If you’re a student, you could create workflows to manage homework and exam reminders, study with flashcards, generate example problems, or translate text between languages.
  • If you commute daily, you could create workflows to open transit times, review your meetings for the day, or read aloud the top news headlines.
  • If you’re health conscious, you could create workflows for logging what you eat and drink, your exercise activity, sleep, or reproductive health, or to analyze your Health data and draw conclusions.
  • If you’re an avid music listener, you could create workflows to add songs to playlists, pull up lyrics, share your favorite songs, or look up how to play a song.
  • If you love eating out, grabbing coffee, or visiting pubs, you could create workflows to find directions to nearby venues, invite people along, place orders over the phone, or log what you thought.
  • If you often communicate with loved ones, you could create workflows to send templated text messages, edit your photos, quickly place phone or FaceTime calls, or create and share GIFs.
  • If you share expenses with friends, you could create workflows to send or request payments over Venmo.

The more you rely on the power of your smartphone to run your life or business, the more beneficial workflows become. They are convenient and save time. And, as your iPhone becomes more powerful so does the Workflow app. The features are constantly updated with increased powerful & flexible functionality.


When Apple acquired the app it went from being a paid app to free.

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Workflow runs on iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.

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