iOS 11-Sneak Preview of its Many New Features

iOS 11 – What’s new in iOS 11? A bunch! It is loaded with new features.  Here is what you can expect to see.

Photo credits:  Apple, Inc.

Of all the topics covered at Apple’s June 5th WWDC Keynote Address (Worldwide Developer’s Conference), the most time was spent on iOS 11. It exceeded the time spent on new iMacs, Apple Watch and even the fabulous new HomePod.

A key theme with iOS 11, and the many new product announcements, is that privacy and the optimization between hardware/software are unique, setting Apple apart from competitors.  Apple has this advantage because they control the hardware and software.

Fun Facts (from Apple WWDC):

  • There are 500 million weekly visitors to the app store

  • There have been 180 Billion App Store downloads to date.

We all spend a lot of time on our iPhones.  Here are some key features of iOS 11, which becomes available fall 2017.


iOS 10 brought apps and stickers to the Messages app. In iOS 11 it has been redesigned with an app drawer for quicker, easier access.

Messages - iCloud Synchronization across iPhone iPad in iOS 11Messages are stored in iCloud so that all of your conversations are synchronized across your devices – iPhone, iPad, MacBook, iMac. Deleting a message on one device automatically removes it from all devices. Syncing your messages through iCloud might make it seem like your data is a bit vulnerable but Apple automatically does point-to-point encryption to keep your conversations private.

Messages - Apple Pay with person to person payments in iOS 11Apple Pay in Messages – Apple’s cardless payment system, which will be available in 50% of US retailers by the end of the year, will support person-to-person payments in iOS 11. This means you can send money to individuals using Apple Pay directly within Messages App. You can pay someone for lunch, movie tickets or babysitting directly using the Apple Pay Messages app. This is very similar to the popular Venmo and Square Cash Apps that have allowed peer-to-peer payments for years. Payments received by using Apple Pay sit in your Apple Pay Cash bucket that you can use to pay for other online purchases or transfer to a bank. Note that this is in contrast to Square Cash App’s direct payment to your bank account.


Siri is available in 21 languages and 36 countries. She has a fresh new tone that sounds less machine like and you can choose between a male or female voice.

Siri - Translation Demo in iOS 11She can also translate English into

  • Chinese
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Spanish

Siri has also become more intelligent by understanding context. She can ask follow up questions for more details.  It is like you are having more of a discussion rather than just issuing commands.

All communication with Siri has end-to-end encryption so you don’t have to worry about hacker’s listening in on your conversations.

Camera App

We all take tons of photos and videos that rapidly fill up the storage on our devices. With iOS 11 new iPhones will “get up to 2x better compression” meaning that files will be half of the size on your device; taking up less storage.  We all need this!

On the iPhones 7’s that have two cameras you will get an improved image quality when pictures are taken in low light.

Photos App

The “Memories” view if more powerful and efficient allowing you to quickly preview your libraries such as sporting events, anniversary, birthday’s etc. It is getting smarter.

In Live Photos you can now trim the video before and after the still. You can even select a specific frame to be the key photo.

Fun effects like Keep, Bounce, and Loop can be applied to short videos in seconds. This makes videos super fun with little effort.

Control Center

Control Center - Single Page iOS 11The highly used Control Center that you access by swiping up from the bottom of your phone has been completely redesigned. The quick access key features are now “floating” on the screen, which can be tapped to see more details and/or options (instead of having to go to Settings > Bluetooth, etc.).  A real time saver.


The new features in Maps look awesome. If you are at a shopping mall, you can use Maps app in iOS 11 to show you the layout of stores at the mall. This feature is available for malls located in major cities. You can use this feature at major airports as well.

Navigational improvements include speed limit notification and lane guidance assistance. For example, this lets you know how many lanes will be exiting to the right.

Do Not Disturb While Driving

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This is probably my favorite feature. The iPhone automatically detects if you are driving and provides you with the option to turn on the “Do Not Disturb while Driving Feature.” You can have your iPhone automatically send a reply text message that says you are driving and will contact them later. If you are a passenger you can select, “I’m not driving” rather than turn on the Do Not Disturb feature.

You can also designate specific friends and family to allow their messages come through even though “Do Not Disturb” is turned on.

Home Kit App

Home Kit App continues to evolve. You can now access home speakers (ex: the new HomePod) in addition to other Home Kit enabled devices such as garage doors, thermostats, lamps, etc.

Apple Music

Enhancements with Apple Music on iOS 11 include being able to automatically find out what your friends are playing & recommending. Set your profile as public to enable this feature.

App Store

The design of the app store has been updated to make finding apps and games easier. There are 3 new tabs titled “Today”, “Games” and “Apps”. Under “Today” you will find new releases and editor’s picks. Under the “Games” tab you will find only games including new releases, what’s popular and game categories. Under “Apps” you will find all apps. App of the Day is a new feature in the App Store to see apps recommended by Apple.

Games are the biggest area of the app store and now you can find game videos & tips on the game’s product page within the App Store. You can also make In App Purchases directly in App Store so don’t have to go into an app to make the an upgrade purchase.


Augmented Reality is a going to be huge and iOS 11 is optimized to support powerful AR features.

iOS 11 for iPad

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Some of the biggest productivity features for iOS 11 will be for the  iPad Pro. The app doc on the bottom now allows you to “slide” an app out onto the workspace area. You can have multiple apps running next to each other and you can seamlessly drag and drop images, text, URL’s between them. There is also a new app called Files that operates like the traditional desktop pc file system.   You can even drag attachments from mail to a folder in the new Files app. There is no downloading, saving the file, then moving it. You can do direct markup in mail and there is enhanced markup using the Apple Pencil. You can take screen shots and immediately do image markup. Notes is enhanced to be even more flexible and powerful with support of the new built in document scanner.

You can take and edit 4K video on the new iPad Pro.


As you can see there many, many new features with iOS 11.  We will be hosting online training sessions so that you can get up to speed quickly and easily.  Stay tuned and be sure and subscribe to receive notification of the training sessions.





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