New! LiquidSky Cloud Gaming Platform for Android Now Available

July 26, 2017
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LiquidSky Android Version Just Released

Playing computer games on Steam, Blizzard, or other game libraries traditionally requires a powerful computer, which can be expensive and they’re typically not portable.
LiquidSky, a new cloud based computing gaming service, allows you to play these powerful games on almost any device – including Android tablets and smartphones. LiquidSky for Windows was launched in January 2017 and the mobile version for Android was launched July 2017.

Instead of requiring a high-end PC, LiquidSky hosts your games on powerful computers in the cloud. When you login from your device, such as a laptop, phone or tablet, you can play the games as though you were on a high-end gaming machine.

With LiquidSky you can take your games on-the-go.   If you have an older, less powerful computer lying around you can still play powerful games without the cost of expensive hardware.

Does LiquidSky Sell Games?

LiquidSky does not sell games and they don’t make games. They host games, which you have already purchased, on powerful computers located at data centers across the world in cities like: San Jose, Dallas, Washington DC, London, Hong Kong, etc. These servers are optimized for gaming and do all the hard core processing on the cloud. This allows you to play the games on a wide range of less powerful client devices that typically don’t have the high end gaming graphics card, chips or processing power.

If you don’t want to purchase a gaming computer, simply use LiquidSky on your existing devices.

How does LiquidSky work?

Download LiquidSky Windows PC program or the Android App, depending on your device. Once you create an account and log in you will select your gaming library – Steam, Humble Bundle, Origin, etc. Select the games you already own to be copied to your LiquidSky account, which is referred to as your SkyComputer.  You can then access the games from any Windows PC or Android mobile device.

If you don’t own a game you desire to play you can purchase new ones from your desired gaming storefront.

LiquidSky LibraryWhat hardware is needed to run LiquidSky?

You will need a Windows PC (older and less powerful is fine) or an Android smartphone or tablet, an average Internet connection and a PC gaming controller. LiquidSky recommends “the modestly priced GameSir G3w Wired GamePad Controller for an affordable plug-and-play Android experience.” Bluetooth controllers are not recommended.

You can access your LiquidSky account and games from the device, no matter where you are.

How much does it cost?

LiquidSky has multiple plans to try and meet the various needs of users. Each plan requires the use of SkyCredits to access your SkyComputer.   SkyCredits can be earned or purchased.

  • Free – To take advantage of the free plan, you can watch advertisements in exchange for SkyCredits
  • Pay-As-You-Go – As Low As $.33/hr.
  • Monthly – As Low As $.25/hr.

You redeem SkyCredits for time on your SkyComputer. 1 SkyCredit = 1 minute of Access.

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