Goo Antibacterial copper phone case

What carries more bacteria: cell phones or toilettes? New copper case kills germs.

July 28, 2017
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Copper Phone Case Eliminates Bacteria and Makes Personal Hygiene Better

GOO phone case is the world’s first antibacterial phone case that protects you from unwanted germs, diseases and bacteria. See it now on Kickstarter.

New Product Announcement By:  Goo Business

For a majority of people, cell phones are an extension of their bodies—missing from birth and valuable for everyday life. We take our cell phones everywhere, including the restroom, with very little awareness to the immense amount of bacteria, germs and diseases transmitted onto our phones.

GOO Business announces the development of the world’s first antibacterial phone case that kills 99.999% of bacteria on contact. Now offered to the masses, GOO’s clinically proven technology is coated around a copper designed phone case to help sterilize phones and improve general hygiene.

Cell phones can carry 500 times more bacteria than toilet seats alone. With this in mind, GOO’s phone prevents the transfer and cultivation of bacteria culture. Unlike other antibacterial products out in the market, this new technology was clinically tested over the course of 8 weeks and proven to be 99.999% effective.

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The clinical study was conducted on hospital equipment at the Saint-Roch clinic in Montpellier, France and tested through in vitro studies performed against E. Coli and Staph Aureus. In 100% of the cases, elements treated with this technology contained fewer bacteria versus the controlled elements. While in 71% of the cases, the bacteria count on GOO phone case was equal to 0. In conclusion, daily bacteria count showed a significant decrease trend in overall number of bacteria present where this technology was applied.

Made from recycled solid copper, GOO technology can be used to coat all types of materials, which will always retain its appearance and hide any traces of oxidation. Copper’s natural element creates an unsuitable living environment for germs and makes it especially suitable for daily use on phones. A 200μm layer of the recycled copper composite is coated on all cases to guarantee consciousness for health, environmental and aesthetic purposes. Each case is extremely durable with resistance to abrasion, tear, scratching and aging.

To take the GOO phone case into final distribution, they are launching on Kickstarter with a goal of €15,000 ($16,000). Each case will retail for €28 ($32) with a 5-year warranty, estimated to ship out by October 2017. It will be compatible to the following phones: iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 & 6+, iPhone 6S & 6S+, iPhone 7 & 7+, Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, S7 and S8 Samsung Galaxy. For an additional €5, GOO phone case can also be customized with a one line engraving on the back of each case purchased.

For more information, visit GOO’s website.


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