Free Apps for Deleting Duplicate Photos to Clear Up iPhone Storage

September 1, 2017
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If you are like me, your photos & videos quickly fill up your smartphone storage space. I’ve got a couple of free apps that help you easily delete individual photos & duplicate images on your camera roll.

The standard way of deleting pictures on your phone is cumbersome and requires multiple steps for deletion. Plus, it can be difficult to view the small image files to determine if a pic should be deleted.

Flic app icon - easily and quickly delete photos on your phoneFlic is a great little app that gives you a larger view of each photo allowing you to swipe left to trash the photo or right to keep it. You are given a visual on how much space has been cleared. If you make a mistake you can easily retrieve the photo from the trash. When you are finished clearing, you receive a report on how much space you made available.

Flic App turns the arduous deletion process into a simple task that saves you time. The basic version is free, which allows for up to 100 photos to be cleaned per day. The Premium version is $1.99 and offers features such as:  swiping unlimited photos, access current month photos, navigate to any month, mark favorite photos from Flic and Ad free.


Dr Cleaner App Clear out duplicate images in a flashDr. Cleaner App by Trend Micro is another great utility app that quickly finds duplicate photos and allows you to easily select which image to keep. Simply run the app to have it group similar photos next to each other. Select the images to be deleted and you are done.  Images are grouped by photo, bursts, screenshots and video.

I tested many of these apps and found Dr. Cleaner to have a great interface, fewer bugs, no ads (even on the free version), has a good duplicate sensitivity feature and is well supported by Trend Micro. Many of the apps I tested did not find as many duplicate photos meaning they are less sensitive or accurate.  They were also less supported, cost fees (some were $6.99) and others were riddled with (inappropriate) ads.


Direct Download Links:

Flic App:

  • iOS – iPhone & iPad

Dr. Cleaner:

  • iOS – iPhone & iPad
  • Android – Not Available.   However, there are many similar photo apps for Android.  Just be careful and make sure they are well supported apps and they don’t ask for unusual permission, etc.


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