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Top Free Business Card Scanning App

September 6, 2017
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There are all kinds of business card scanning apps. Many of them don’t scan the information accurately and others simply take an image of a card. My pick for business card scanning is WorldCard Mobile app, which automatically puts the contact information in fields that you can easily sync with Gmail.  The app has won all kids of awards and they offer a free version to get started then you can upgrade when you are ready.

Worldcard App Icon 150Simply scan a business card by taking a picture from within the app. The app automatically reads the information and inputs the data into matching fields. The data scan is not perfect every time but has a high level of accuracy as compared to other apps. You can edit out errors, which is easier than keying in an entire business card.

To sync your contacts with Gmail, swipe down on a contact card and associate your Gmail account. To bring the data into email marketing programs like MailChimp or Constant Contact, export the data into CSV or other file formats.

You can easily swipe through the cards using cover flow mode giving you a great visual of your contacts. Simply turn your phone horizontal while viewing contacts, then swipe left or right. While in cover flow mode initiate phone calls or email the contact without leaving the app.

Other convenient features include setting up contact categories (ex: Customers, Prospect, Service Provider, etc.), marking favorites, see nearby contacts and add notes.

The light version is free. The pro version is $6.99.

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