Is owning Bitcoin legal in the U.S.?

September 18, 2017
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A recent study by show that of those who have heard of Bitcoin 48% were unsure of its legality in the US.

Bitcoin, a worldwide, decentralized cryptocurrency and digital payment system, grows in popularity and relevance by the day. Bitcoin remains the clear leader in the industry, but there are now hundreds of different types of virtual currencies. It IS legal to own Bitcoin in the US and it is no surprise the millennials are adapting to the digital currency quicker than their older counterparts.

LendEDU did a recent study and here are some of their key findings of 1000 participants in the study:

  • 78.50% of Americans have heard of Bitcoin.

  • Of those who have heard of Bitcoin, 11% of Americans answered that owning Bitcoin is illegal in the U.S., while another 48% were unsure of Bitcoin’s legality

  • Of those who have heard of Bitcoin, only 14% had ever owned Bitcoin, 40% were open to the idea of using Bitcoin in the future and another 34% were undecided about buying Bitcoin in the future

  • Of those who have heard of Bitcoin, there were consistent age trends: In a near perfect correlation, as Americans got older they were less likely to have ever owned Bitcoin or be planning to invest in Bitcoin in the future

The full report and methodology can be found here:

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