An easy and free way to share event pictures with a group

September 20, 2017
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Group photo sharing made easy

If you have a Girls weekend, soccer game, bridal shower, or family reunion and you want everyone to share their photos, the “Share your Photos” App makes it easy and convenient for everyone. The app allows you and your friends to share event photos in a central location for easy viewing, downloading and printing.

Log into the app to either “Create an Event”, “Join an event” or view “My Events”.

When you create an event, invite friends, family or other event participants through SMS Invite or Email within the app. Your friends can add images to the event space for everyone in your group to see.

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Once participants have added pictures you can go to any of your events and see all of the photos your friends have added. Tap the desired pictures and choose to either download them or go the Print Shop to create photo prints, snap cases, tablet cases, photo books, tough cases, stickers, tote bags, mugs and more. They have a great selection.

For example, if you are at a soccer tournament, everyone can add their pics to the folder. You can choose the pictures you want to download or print at the app’s Print Shop.

“Share Your Photos” App vs Dropbox

Millions of people use Dropbox and Google Drive for sharing pictures. These cloud drives work great and are common, but there are a few disadvantages of using these services as compared to “Share you Photos” app. Unless you have an unlimited data plan the photos that someone adds to a folder that is shared with you, will count against your available storage space. So, if hundreds of pictures are being uploaded from a group of people, it can quickly use up your space.

In addition, if you sync your cloud storage with your PC, it will also take up space on your hard drive. This may or may not be an issue and will depend on how much hard drive space you have available.

With “Share Your Photos” you have unlimited cloud storage and no fees! They hope you like their service so much that you will order prints and goodies from their Print Shop.

The second advantage that “Share Your Photos” has over Dropbox and other Cloud services is that you can immediately order prints and goodies directly from the print shop without having to download the images then upload to another printing service. It is easy and convenient.

Adding pictures from your DSLR Camera to the Event space

You can add pictures to the event folder via the mobile app or by using the desktop web application. The web application allows you to upload any images that are on your PC (or accessed through your PC, like a USB drive or SIM card). Access the application at and login using the same account you created on your mobile device.

Adding Videos

Videos can be uploaded, too!  This is a great way to share and pick out the best videos in addition to images.


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