5 New iOS 11 Features – Fun, Productive, and Safety Tips

5 New Fun, Productive, and Safety Features in IOS 11

Apple’s new iOS 11 comes with many fun bells and whistles, as well as, many productivity enhancing and safety features.  We are going to look at 5 cool useful features in iOS 11.  Be sure and check out the new and improved “Sign & Send” feature in email (last one in article).  It is a huge tree & time saver.

1) Augmented Reality

One of the most powerful new features is the integrated support for Augmented Reality, the ability to mix real world elements with animated or augmented virtual components to videos and apps. We are just beginning to see the power of this technology. Watch these two short video clips of new apps that use the AR technology that is built into iPhone 8 and iPhone X.

PLNAR App – The new PLNAR App uses AR to measure out the dimensions of a room and automatically calculate the square footage. It turns an arduous task into a simple process.   It touts itself as being “Your AR Measurement Tool”.


Flimr – This new video editing app combines real life video with built in AR characters that interact with the real video. In the video sample here add a unicorn to the scene and chase you away.

The support for AR comes in both the hardware and software. You may not see all of these features if you do not have a new iPhone running iOS 11. These apps represent how AR technology is being implemented in its early stages.

2) Customizable Control Center

The Control Center has a new look and feel allowing you to expand groups of controls to reveal additional options.

You can also customize the Control Center by adding frequently used commands. Under Settings > Control Center tap to add your favorite commands. This gives you quick access to things like New Note Creation, Magnifier, Home Controls for lights and Do Not Disturb while Driving.

See how to customize your Control Center here (1 min):

3) Do Not Disturb While Driving

“Do Not Disturb While Driving” automatically blocks all incoming notifications while you are behind the wheel. By default the setting will automatically send a reply text message to contacts marked as favorites, stating that the recipient is driving and not receiving messages. The sender can send a follow up message “Urgent” to bypass the “Do Not Disturb While Driving” feature.

You can customize who receives the automated response message (favorite contact/everyone) and how “Do Not Disturb” is activated (manually or automatic).

How to Enable “Do Not Disturb While Driving”

The customizable options for “Do No Disturb While Driving” are found under Settings > Notifications > Do Not Disturb while Driving.  See how it works here (2 mins):


4) Keyboard – One Hand Typing

If you like one handed typing you can “shift” your keyboard to one side for easy single-handed reach.

To turn on one handed typing:

Tap and hold the globe or emoji icon on your keyboard. When you see the pop-up menu look for the keyboard icons on the bottom of the menu. You can tap left, right or center. Shift the keyboard to one side for easy one-handed reach!

When you have the keyboard shifted to one side, simple tap the white arrow to re-center it.

See how it works here (1 min):


5) eMail Enhancements

Freehand Drawings – A fun feature added to eMail is the ability to add freehand drawing in an email message. This is a great way to share a simple sketch – smile, heart, etc or a more detailed drawing.

To access the drawing features in eMail:

Tap within the body of the email to get the black popup bubble menu. Tap the right arrow until you see the last option, “Insert Drawing”. From there you can use the various drawing tools. Tap “Done” to automatically insert your work of art into your email message.

See how it works here:


Improved Sign & Send – When you need to sign an approval form, contract, permission slip, club form, etc. there is no need to print it or open it in another app for signing.

To access Sign & Send in eMail:

In the received email simply tap on the attached PDF document. Tap the drawing icon in the upper right hand corner. Along with other markup tools you will see the + sign in the bottom right hand corner. Tap +, then tap signature.

If you don’t have a signature, follow the prompts to add one. Or, tap your existing signature. Move it around and size as needed. Tap “Done” when finished. You can send the signed document as a “Reply” or as a “New Message”. It is a breeze. It save paper and time!

In previous iOS versions you could do markup and reply but it was cumbersome. It has improved significantly in this most recent version.

See how it works here (1 min)!


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