New Google Product Lineup

October 4, 2017
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What’s New?

  • Google Pixel 2 (Pixel 2 $649 & Pixel 2 XL $849) for Limited time comes with a Google Home Mini
  • Google Home Mini $49
  • Google Home Max $399
  • Google Pixelbook $999
  • Google Pen $99
  • Google Clips $249
  • Daydream View $99
  • Google Pixel Buds $159


What Do They Do?

The new home series products like the Google Home Mini and Google Home Max integrate with one another and with products like your Pixel phones, Chromecast devices, and compatible home automation devices to make your home even more personal. Home devices allow you to use voice commands to select what song to play, raising and lowering volume, as well as choose if you want a song to play only in your current room or through all home devices in your house. Additional features include controlling compatible home security systems, thermostats, previewing your calendar, and more. All of these responses are customized to you by allowing home devices to learn your voice so when you want to “Call Sandy,” the device calls the Sandy from your contacts and not your spouse’s.

Google Pixel 2 brings you the same top-tier phone features for both the Pixel 2 and the larger Pixel 2 XL so there is no need to sacrifice comfort or usability for features. The Google Pixel 2 brings you the highest rated camera in any smartphone for the second year in a row.  You will never miss a shot because of low battery.  It offers 7 hours of charge in just 15 minutes, and you’ll never run out of storage with unlimited photo and video storage. Google is also bringing new features to the Pixel 2 with Lens, the new way to search the internet based on what you see; the world’s most conversational virtual assistant is now available by simply squeezing the phone, and with the Always On display the Pixel 2 readily displays the time, date, and even constantly analyzes ambient noise to immediately identify the name of the song playing in the room without even touching the phone.

Google Pixel Buds is the latest wireless listening device from Google that allows you to control your music, access Google Assistant on the go, and translate conversation from another language into one you can understand. All without the need to remove your phone from your pocket.

Google Clips is the first Google product of its kind. It is a compact camera device that acts as a personal photographer so everyone can live in the moment and be included in the photo without worrying about who will take the picture. All you do is set up the device in a location of your choosing and then get back to enjoying time with your friends and family. Clips uses machine learning to choose when to take a photo or video and let you review them later. Clips can even be taught to focus on getting pictures of certain individuals. For example, Clips can focus on your toddler while you are teaching your child to walk so you can be present with your child and Clips can capture the memories for you.

Google Pixelbook is the latest Chromebook from Google and was created to be the perfect crossover between a laptop, smartphone, and tablet. Google has worked hard to create a device which can bring both power and convenience to the new Pixelbook. With it, you can now operate your favorite phone applications from your Pixelbook. It can also fold flat for productivity work as a tablet or stand independently for media consumption or displaying a recipe while you cook. Google has also released the new Google Pen to further increase how productive you can be with the new Pixelbook.

Google Daydream View is the latest in VR tech from the company that brought you the original Daydream. It brings the immersion of another world to your living room, office, or subway. With a wider field of view than ever before, you can get lost in places only seen in your wildest dreams. Take a trip to a far away land, fight the forces of evil, or sit back and watch your favorite films from Netflix, HBO, Hulu, and more. Just slide in any compatible phone, grab the included remote, and take off on the journey of a lifetime.


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