New iOS 11 Productivity Features Specifically for iPad

October 4, 2017
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Increased Productivity with iOS 11 on iPad

We explored iOS 11 New Features on the iPhone last week. This week we’ll look at new iOS 11 features specific to the iPad that improve functionality, allowing you to work more efficiently and amazingly. Some of the new features feel like magic.

Check out these 8 awesome new features on iOS 11 for iPad.


The new dock, similar to what you will find on a Mac computer, gives you quick access to favorite and recent apps from any screen.  You can be in any app and swipe up from the bottom screen edge to access the dock. Favorite Apps are on the left. Recently used apps are on the right.

Add an app to the dock by tapping and dragging it to the dock. Drag an app off to any home screen to remove it.

The new dock makes accessing your most frequently used apps a single swipe away.

iOS 11 New Features Dock, Files, Recents


Files App

The new Files App (which actually looks like a folder) gives you quick access to files from many apps including: Box, Dropbox, Pages, Numbers, Cloud Drive, etc. You can tag files on any source for use in search.

iOS 11 New Features - Files App


Recent Files

On your new dock, you can tap and hold the Files app to see recently used documents. Tap “Show More” to get an expanded list. This will show you recently used files in Dropbox, Box, Pages, Numbers, Cloud Drive and more.  Tap on the file to open it.

iOS11 New Features - Recent Files


Improved Multitasking

You can now have a floating multitask window that you can move around or pin to either side of the screen. An easy way to multitask is to open the first app, then swipe up from the bottom edge to see the dock. Tap and drag the second app into the work area. Tap the title bar area to move it left or right.

iOS 11 New Features - Multitasking 2


Drag and Drop

Open two apps next to each other (using multitasking) and seamlessly drag images and content between them.   It is like copy and paste without copying and pasting. This is a fantastic new feature! For example, if you are creating a cooking newsletter open the Pages app and select a template. Open Safari as a second active app (as described above in “Improved Multitasking”) and do an image search for BBQ ribs. Simply tap and drag the image from Safari into the Pages template. You have copied and pasted between programs, saving you about 8 steps. You can drag and drop between many apps like Safari, Mail, Messages, Pages, Numbers, etc.


App Switcher and Control Center

The new control center is accessible when you double tap the Home button. This also shows all of your open apps in an easy to read thumbnail view called the App Switcher. It is easy to see what apps you have open. Tap to make the app active. For info on how to customize your control panel, check out last week’s article.

iOS 11 New Features - App Switcher and Control Panel


Universal Clipboard

This is a really cool feature. The universal clipboard allows you to copy an item on one device (iPhone or iPad) and Paste it into an app on the other device, without downloading, transferring or even using Airdrop.  Copy a picture on you iPhone, and paste it into a document you are working with on your iPad. It is like magic.

Screen Capture and Edit

Take a screen capture by holding down the power button and the Home button at the same time. The image will appear in the bottom left hand corner. Tap on it to do markup and editing using the drawing tools. From there, you can easily send the marked up image to anyone through the share button all without leaving the original app.

iOS 11 New Features - Screen Capture Markup


The functionality in iOS 11 for iPad is starting to blur the lines between an iPad and a laptop, particularly with features like the Files app.  The powerful nature and fluidity of iOS 11 on the iPad has taken its usefulness to a new level.

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