Mobile Browser Blocks Ads & Trackers Saving you Time and Money

October 18, 2017
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Automatically Block Ads & Trackers using Brave Browser

When you surf the web do you feel like big companies are tracking every site you visit? Brave Browser blocks tracking, comes with a built-in ad blocker, and offers Security protection.  Blocking ads and trackers comes with some extra benefits like speed improvements and cost savings.

On your mobile device install the app and start browsing. The privacy features are built in to the app so you don’t have to add browser extensions to get the functionality.   When you’re done surfing a report shows the number of trackers and ads blocked from the visited sites. The https value shows the number of encrypted connections, which helps protect your identify.

Brave Browser Blocked Ads and TrackersIncreased Speed

When browsing the web with the Brave app you’ll immediately notice that ads don’t show, which allows web pages to load significantly faster. Speed tests by multiple news outlets show that web pages load multiple times faster using Brave Browser as compared to other browsers.  In addition to saving time you can save money.

Brave Browser Speed Test By TimeSave Money

By not loading ads and trackers, you are saving data usage and therefore saving money on your cellular data plan (unless you have an unlimited data plan). When you browse a web page with ads and trackers it uses data from your cellular plan. Brave Browser blocks the ads and trackers before being downloaded and therefore you are not using up your cellular data, which can save you money. According to Brave Software you can save as much as $23 a month.  The chart below shows that you actually use more of your data plan downloading ads & trackers than you do with content.  Brave changes that.

Brave Browser Money Saving Estimates


Brave Browser Private BrowsingPrivate Browsing

You can use Private browsing mode to remove page history and cookies from your local device when you exit the browser. However, it does not make you anonymous from Internet Service Providers or employer networking devices.

Browser Extensions

You can achieve similar results with desktop browsers by adding extensions.  The downside here is that if you have many extensions they can start conflicting with each other, they are not always updated and they are made by third party developers.  Brave browser is optimized for these features as it is the core product.

Direct Download Links

Brave Browser is free and available for iOS, Android and desktops.


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