Vine Creators Develop a New Hit – Live Mobile Game Show with Everyone as a Contestant

November 15, 2017
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TV game shows are a lot of fun. But for most of us they are like a spectator sport. But now, anyone can be a contestant on the new HQ Trivia App game. It is a live nightly game show app, with a real live host and cash prizes! The format and style simulates a TV game show but it is a live game streamed on your phone. Everyone participates and watches from their phones.

The game is family, kid, party and work friendly. Play individually or as a group (it’s not cheating ;-).

Download the free app. Live game shows are hosted Monday through Friday at 3PM and 9PM EST. Saturday and Sunday games are held at 9 PM EST. Each game lasts 15 minutes long. The game moves quickly creating a lot of energy and excitement. You have to think fast. If you tap the incorrect answer you are out and can watch the rest of the game to see who wins.

Thousands of people join in the game to answer trivia questions in less than 10 seconds each. Last Sunday, Nov 12th the app hit a record with 90,000 participants!

As the number of participants rapidly grows so do the cash prizes. Currently the cash prize minimum is set to $1000 up from $500. Everyone who wins splits the prize money. It goes directly to your PayPal account.

You will find groups of co-workers playing on a break, families playing together or individuals playing on the subway. People of all ages are playing: young, old, teenagers, college students and parents. You are having fun and learning at the same time.

People are using their prize money for a variety of things:  to pay down student loans, buy a diamond ring, or to buy newspapers to support journalists.

The makers of Vine developed HQ Trivia.  The app is free and currently has funding through Silicon Valley venture capital group Light Speed Venture Partners.  Currently there are no brands or sponsors but the company may entertain that in the future as a revenue model.

The game is available on iOS. The Android version is coming soon!

Direct App Download Links

  • iOS
  • Android – Coming Soon!


HQ Trivia Game in Action


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