Tech Tips: How to Save Money on Christmas Shopping

Prices on Amazon go up and down all of the time, even throughout a single day. The price fluctuations are called dynamic pricing. So, how do you know if you are buying at the best time? Price Tracker for Amazon App watches your shopping list items and gives you a smartphone notification when the price drops.


Add items to your Tracklist

Using the apps built in Amazon search tool, find your desired products then add them to your Tracklist. The app will begin to track any price changes. Initially you see the current Price and Previous Price, which are the same. Once there is a price drop the numbers will change and you receive a smartphone notification.

Price Tracker for Amazon Tracklist

More Options

You can also tap and hold on an item to see a variety of options such as a Target Price, Price History and Buy Now.


Target Price

Target Price limits the number of notifications you receive.  You will only receive notification when the product goes below your target price.

Target Price

Price History

You can see the product’s price History on a graph. This graph starts from the time you add a product to your watch list and shows the fluctuations over time.

Amazon Price Tracker Price History

Buy Now Option

Tap “Buy Now” to take you to product on Amazon for purchase.


Amazon Price Tracker is a great way to help you save money on your Christmas list items or anytime!

Direct Download Link

iOS users can download a similar app called “Amazon Alert”.  However, the free version only lets you add 3 items for free.  The plus package gives you unlimited items,  a checks the price several times an hour instead of once of day, allows you to import your wishlist, and is ad free. Pro version is $3.99

More great ways to save money on Amazon

CamelCamelCamel – See a product’s price has gone up or down and receive email notifications of price changes.
PriceBlink Browser Extension – Immediately compare prices across many retailers
Honey Browser Extension – Shows if you are getting the “Best Deal”.  You can also see a product’s price history on Amazon.

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