Google Reveals its 2017 Top Search Trends List

December 13, 2017
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What was on people’s minds in 2017? Google knows! I spoke with Google Trends expert LaToya Drake early this morning about Google’s top search trends in 2017. The topics people are most interested in the US for 2017 are:

All Around – The top 5 Google Search Topics in 2017 are:

#1 Hurricane Irma, Puerto Rico’s Devastating Hurricane

#2 Matt Lauer, NBC “Today” host that was fired for “Inappropriate” behavior

#3 Tom Petty

#4 Super Bowl

#5 Las Vegas Shooting

Google searches are heavily trending with what is featured in the news. People are searching for more information on news topics and digging deeper into the subjects.

Another 2017 Google search trend shows that People search Google to help them understand specific terms on top news stories.

The top “What is . . .” questions are:


#2 Bitcoin

# 3 Solar Eclipse

Top “How To . . .” questions for 2017 are:

#1 Make Slime

#2 Make Solar Eclipse Glasses

#3 How to Watch Solar Eclipse

#4 Watch Mayweather vs McGregor fight

#5 How to Buy bitcoin

The entertainer with the most searches goes to . . .

#1 Meghan Markle

Meghan trended high last year on the top search list and with her engagement to Prince Harry she hit #1 in 2017.

The top Google technology search questions in 2017 go to new technology that was released with new phones and gaming systems taking the top 5 spots. The top technology searches on Google go to Apple’s two new iPhones.  The popular Nintendo Switch came in 3rd followed by Samsung’s beautiful Galaxy S8 phone.

#1 iPhone 8

#2 iPhone X (with searches for both iPhone “10” and iPhone “X”)

#3 Nintendo Switch

#4 Samsung Galaxy S8

#5 Xbox One X

People are using Google to supplement their understanding of top trending news stories. In 2017 the top trending Google search questions are more about fact finding and less about entertainment.  The Google search trends reveal what is on people’s minds across the US throughout the year.

Google releases their 2017 year in search trends:

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