Eco ATM Gazelle New Phone Checklist

ecoATM Gazelle’s 5 tips for setting up a new phone over the holiday

December 18, 2017
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Guest Post by:  ecoATM Gazelle

According to the Consumer Technology Association, smartphones are among the top requested tech gifts by adults this holiday season. With that in mind, ecoATM Gazelle has prepared the following checklist to guide consumers who are setting up a new phone over the holidays.

  1. Backup

Backup data from your old phone to keep all your contacts, photos, music, videos and information in one secure place. This will ensure that data can be easily transferred to your new phone.

  1. Transfer

Depending on whether you’re upgrading to a new Android, iPhone, or changing operating systems, the steps for transferring your data will be slightly different. This helpful article from walks through the process.

  1. Erase

Once you’ve safely transferred your data, make sure you wipe your personal information from your old device. Use the factory reset and remove your SIM or SD cards.

  1. Protect

Ensure your new phone stays in great condition by getting a case and screen protector.

  1. Trade

Now that you’ve set up your new device, it’s time to get rid of your old one. Trade in your device by using one of two convenient options – or an ecoATM kiosk. The cash you earn could make a dent in those holiday credit card bills!

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About ecoATM Gazelle

ecoATM Gazelle is the company behind and ecoATM kiosks, and the pioneer of reCommerce. ecoATM Gazelle puts used electronics back to work with easy and convenient ways for consumers to earn money for old smartphones, tablets, and PCs. With ecoATM Gazelle, consumers have convenient options for trading in used devices and purchasing certified pre-owned devices through the online marketplace or at the many ecoATM kiosks in malls and retail locations across the country. ecoATM Gazelle pays for old devices and then refurbishes them for resale, helping divert millions of smartphones and tablets from landfills. Learn more about ecoATM Gazelle at and

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