How to get instant cash for old smartphones, tablets and computers.

Guest Article by: Yanyan Ji, SVP Marketing and GM, ecoATM Gazelle

About ecoATM Gazelle:

ecoATM Gazelle kiosks provide an easy and convenient ways for consumers to earn money for old smartphones, tablets and computers. ecoATM Gazelle pays for old devices and then refurbishes them for resale, helping divert millions of smartphones and tablets from landfills. With ecoATM Gazelle, consumers have convenient options for trading in used devices, including online at or at one of the thousands of ecoATM kiosks located across the country. Everyone wins with ecoATM Gazelle: fast, convenient cash for your used electronics, less e-waste going to landfill, and a marketplace to buy a variety of pre-owned consumer electronics at a fair price.

How Gazelle works: 

ecoATM_camera_Left__300dpi[1] is a leading trade-in site for consumer electronics and the best place on the web to buy certified pre-owned devices. Our site is a convenient option for consumers to easily trade-in Apple and Android devices as well as purchase certified pre-owned devices at a fraction of the cost of new through the Gazelle Direct Store. There are zero fees involved.

  • Selling – Consumers looking to trade-in their devices can feel confident they are getting the best price. Look up your specific device in our catalog, answer a few quick questions about its condition, and then lock in your price. The quote provided is good for 30 days, so you have time to think about it and transition to a new device before sending the old one in. We send you the packaging and pay for shipping so all you have to do is put the box back in the mail. Once the device is received, we’ll inspect it and if your description matches, we’ll send you your payment in the manner you selected (Amazon Gift Card, PayPal or check). In fact, if your device arrives at our warehouse and the value increases, we’ll even pay the difference.
  • Buying – For consumers looking to purchase certified pre-owned devices, Gazelle’s online marketplace offers many devices to meet consumer needs, including iPhones, Samsung Galaxy phones, iPads, and MacBooks. You choose the specific device, condition and even if it is unlocked or tied to a carrier. Shopping at Gazelle means getting great deals on gently used devices that have met our 30-point quality inspection, with no contracts or strings attached and 30-day risk-free returns.

How much money can consumers expect to get for their phone?

Pricing varies based on make, model and condition. Pricing is very dynamic and it changes frequently, based on market activity.

To give you an idea of our current iPhone pricing, Gazelle is offering:

  • Up to $575 for an iPhone X 256GB in flawless condition
  • Up to $470 for an iPhone 8 Plus 256GB in flawless condition
  • Up to $420 for an iPhone 8 256GB in flawless condition

How ecoATM works:

ecoATM offers three main benefits to consumers: Instant cash payment, conveniently located kiosks, and the assurance that devices will be responsibly recycled. ecoATM is all about instant reward, with no salesperson, no fine-print and no wait – you get paid cash, on the spot, for the devices you no longer use. Consumers simply bring their unused devices to the kiosk of their choice, answer a few questions about the device, confirm their identity, and then receive their payment. ecoATM operates more than 2,700 kiosks, with more continuing to roll out. Kiosks are conveniently located in malls, large retailers and grocery stores in 44 U.S. States. To locate your nearest kiosk, visit

Why it’s a good option to buy or sell electronics:

Gazelle is trusted by millions of consumers to deliver the quickest, most convenient options and the best possible prices for mobile device trade-ins and purchases. With Gazelle consumers get a convenient option for device trade-ins with no lines and no wait. For people looking to purchase pre-owned devices, they know they can trust Gazelle to provide them with the product that was advertised in the promised conditioned, all from the safety and comfort of their home – no need to rely on peer-to-peer resale options.

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