Valentine’s Day Tech Gifts That won’t Wilt or Melt

Unique tech gifts that won’t break the bank

Everybody loves tech. I’ve got some fun tech gift ideas that you can give along with flowers and chocolates this Valentine’s Day. These unique gifts won’t break the bank and offer big functionality in small packages.

Slim Phone Wallet by Monet

This 3-in-on accessory attaches to the back of any smartphone case and is a designer wallet, grip, and kickstand. It holds your id, credit card and cash. It is also has a finger grip to keep you from dropping your phone. Use the grip slider button to turn it into a smartphone stand. It comes in a wide variety of beautiful colors. On Amazon. $19.99. More Info: MonetBrand.comMonet Slim Phone Wallet


PiNA – USB Designer USB Battery Bank

Charge your phone in style with these adorable battery banks. Clip them on your backpack, purse or workbag to make a statement and to have on hand when your smartphone needs a charge. These make other battery chargers look boring. On Amazon. $17 – $25 More info: mybuqu.comBuqu designer smartphone chargers


LUNA X – Portable Bluetooth Speaker with LED Light

This portable Bluetooth speaker offers up to 7 hours of music playback. It is IPX5 water resistant and gives 12-24 hours of light. It’s ideal for a table lamp for your bedroom, dorm or living room. Put it on the floor with you while you are studying or take it with you camping.   My daughter hangs it on her bed post for night time reading. It comes in Black or white. $29.99 More Info RapidX

Bluetooth Speaker and Light RapidX


TagLit – Magnetic LED Safety Marker

This unique device magnetically snaps together. Turn it on, to get 4 bright red LEDS to glow or flash. You can snap it on your clothes when you are out biking or running to alert others of your presence as a safety device. Attach it to your child’s shirt or jacket if you are at amusement parks or anywhere with crowds. It will help you keep an eye on him/her. Attach it to anything you want to make more visible. $9.99 More Info: NiteIze.


RapidX – Front and Back Seat USB Car Charger

This functional gift is great for the kids in the car that can’t reach a USB Charger. Plug one end into the vehicle outlets and cigarette lighters portzxx and the cable reaches back 5 feet to anyone in the back seat. It has 5 intelligent USB ports so no there’s no need to take turns on the charging port. $24.99 More Info: RapidX

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