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App of the Week – Ada

Impressive artificial intelligence health screening app

Ada App IconAda is the new artificial intelligence (AI) powered mobile App that gives you high quality personalized health guidance via your mobile device no matter what time it is or where you are. If you have concerning health symptoms you can consult with Ada using natural language chat messages to help you immediately assess your physical and mental health concerns.

Ada asks you a variety of question to help determine potential causes of your symptoms. You literally feel like you are having a conversation with your doctor through smart messaging. The app can accurately assess symptom from the common cold to rare diseases.

How to use Ada health screening app

When you create an account Ada will ask you about your basic health history – age, weight, and any on going health conditions you might have like high blood pressure, diabetes, etc. You only enter your health history once.

When you want to ask Ada about symptoms you are having, enter them via chat. Ada begins with “Let’s start with the symptom that’s troubling you the most.” You can enter things like rash, fever, hives, headache, or any other symptom you might be having.

She’ll ask you screening questions like “How long has this been troubling you?” You are given prompts so you don’t have to type every answer. It all moves very fluidly, like you are having a medical screening at the doctor’s office. The questions asked are specific to your symptoms and health history. For example, depending on your symptoms you might be asked if you were recently traveling in a foreign country and indicate which one.

Once you’ve answered the screening questions, you receive a personal assessment with a list of the most likely causes. The results are pretty amazing.

I’ve tested this with obscure diseases like Rocky Mountain spotted fever, which is typically found in select parts of the United States. Ada accurately listed the disease as a highly possible cause of high fever, rash and tic contact.

Is Ada reliable?

I spoke with the management at Ada and they assured me that the results provided are based on validated medical sources and real-world cases. Of course, they caution that Ada is not a replacement for a visit with your medical doctor.

The app automatically filters out any non-relevant, non-credible medical information. It offers a step-by-step approach the results in relevant medical information that is validated against medical sources and real-world cases.

They also indicated that assessment results are not generic and that your personal health history is taken into account when evaluating symptoms.

Share Assessment

You can save your personal assessment from your mobile device as a PDF document. You can print the PDF for sharing with family or bring it your doctor. This helps them rapidly get an update on your health concerns.

Symptom History

If you have recurring health concerns you can easily view your symptom history. Each time you ask Ada about your health concerns it saves the information so that have quick access to a historical record of your previous symptoms.

More info

The app is created by doctors and scientist allowing patients to immediately assess their physical and mental health concerns – from a common cold to a rare disease. Please remember that Ada is never a replacement for a doctor’s advice, nor is it a medical diagnosis.

Ada was initially released in Europe and has recently been make available to US markets.


  • Ada App is free

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