How to add animated special effects to your pictures for social media attention

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How to add eye-popping animation to your social media photos in seconds.

SEFX Logo Easily Animate Your Social Media PostsIf you want to make your photos stand out in social media posts, the new XEFX app allows you to add animated special effects to your pictures in just seconds. You can easily add falling snow, active rain drops, blowing clouds, lightening strikes, floating hearts, moving animals and so much more. You can make your wedding pictures pop with floating hearts. Make a party picture splash with active fireworks. Or, make a summer camping picture light up with an animated fire. Your social media posts are guaranteed to stand out!

Simply select the picture from your camera and tap on the special effect to add it to the image. You can size, rotate and move the effect around the image to the precise location that you need.  There are over 200 animated options to choose from. You can share the new animated image directly from within the app to Instagram, or any of your favorite social media sites. The app converts the picture to an animated Gif image or to a small video file when shared. You can also save the new animated image to your camera roll.

It only takes seconds to make your photos pop by adding the special effects to your smartphone photos.

Layer Multiple Effects

You can add multiple effects to a single picture to make a more complex animation. For example, you can combine rain, clouds and lightening to create a dramatic scene. Add hearts, misty clouds and a dove on an engagement picture for a romantic look. This is just a small sample of the many effects that can be created very easily on your mobile device.

Animated Campfire made with XEFX photo animation app

The standard version of XEFT is free and available on iOS and Android. Additional effects are available in the pro version that costs $1.99/month (or .83/month for a yearly subscription).

The pro version includes

  • Removes watermark
  • Removes ads
  • Unlocks a large number of effects

Direct App Download Link (Free)

  • iOS
  • Android – Not yet available

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