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Automate Tasks on you iPhone with Apple’s New Shortcuts App

Apple’s new Shortcuts app helps you automate tasks on your iPhone. Shortcuts is a free app that is automatically installed on your iPhone when you upgrade to iOS 12.  

Shortcuts App IconIf you do repetitive tasks on your iPhone, you can automate them by using Apple’s new Shortcuts scripting app.  Shortcuts allow you to get tasks done faster, with a single tap.  The app allows you to essentially, link together multiple iPhone or App actions that run consecutively using a single tap.  For example, rather than going to multiple apps to edit and post an image to social media, you can tap your created shortcut to run through each of the steps automatically.

Shortcuts can be simple or complex.  They can be used for personal or business tasks.  Your saved Shortcuts are displayed in the Shortcuts app Library.  They can also be added as an icon to you Home Screen or activated using Siri for quick access.

Shortcuts App Automate Tasks on iPhone Library

Shortcuts by Apple

The easiest way to get started is by experimenting with existing shortcuts found in the Gallery. In the Shortcuts Gallery you will find existing shortcuts created by Apple for working with images, automating morning routines, playing music and much more. There are over 50 pre-created routines. 


Shortcuts App by Apple Automate Tasks on iPhone Gallery


An example of a routine created by Apple is “Heading to Work”.  This shortcut gives you a work ETA, tells you your 1st calendar appointment, starts your morning playlist and calculates your route time.  This Shortcut uses Maps App, Location Services, Calendar, Music Apps, all which run consecutively from a single tap.

A more simple example of a pre-created routine from Apple is “Speed Dial”.  If you call the same person multiple times throughout the day, you can create a direct speed dial shortcut to dial that person (or persons).  You can have Siri call someone, but it doesn’t always work – particularly if you are in a loud location or have people around.  WIth the shortcut you can add the “Speed Dial” shortcut icon to your Home page for quick access.

Another useful shortcut is “Find Gas Nearby”.  Instead of going to maps, search, find gas stations, you can add the shortcut icon to your Home Screen.  Tap the icon to automatically pull up gas stations near you.

Create Your Own Shortcuts

You can create your own shortcuts by adding the steps (officially called actions) required to automate your desired task.  You can add actions from your Calendar, Contacts, Health, Maps, Music, Photos & Video, Scripting, Sharing, Text and the Web.  Tap your desired Action(s) to add them to your workspace.  They run one after the other.  When you’ve finished adding each of your steps, you can give your shortcut a custom name and icon.  Shortcuts can be added to Siri for voice activation or the icon can be added to your Home Screen.  Simple shortcuts can take a few minutes to create. 

To create a Shortcut that takes your last photo from your camera roll, changes the size then posts it to Instagram, add the following steps as shown here:

Shortcuts App by Apple How to create Shortcut to automatically post image to instagram


Shortcuts can be for business or personal use and save you time.

Classes on Creating Shortcuts

If you are interested in taking a class on creating shortcuts, shoot me an email at

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