The New Augmented Reality Escape Room Scriptum: With Clues & Tips

Tech Time – Scriptum Augmented Reality Escape Room Game

Real escape rooms are a popular craze.  The brand new app SCRIPTUM uses augmented reality to create a virtual escape room on your phone or tablet.  It is the first AR Escape Room on the market and is available on iOS and Android.

In a real Escape Room you enter and try to figure out clues so that you can find your way out.  The same thing happens with SCRIPTUM using augmented reality.  

To play the game find an open space inside or out (roughly 4 feet x 4 feet).  Launch the app on your iOS or Android phone or tablet, then point it to a ground surface.  This will create the opening portal to the Escape Room on your device.  Carefully walk forward to enter the virtual space then, look and move around to find the clues that will let you escape.   You have a maximum 15 mins to pass the test and remember not to leave the walls of the room or you will lose the game.  The app tests your cognitive and reasoning ability.

Here are a few hints:  You have 15 mins to collect the notes, type out the message and be out by 12:45. 

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Christmas Escape Room

For Christmas, Adver2Play, the makers of Scriptum, have developed a second Escape Room challenge.  When you launch the app you will have a choice of two Escape Rooms, one of which is decorated for Christmas.  Collect toys and play some retro games to find your way out.  This is brand new and is just rolling out on the App Store over the next week.  You are the first to hear about it!

Christmas Room hints:   Pay attention to colors, toys and things that light up (at the end).

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The app is free.  You can enter the primary Escape Room at no cost and the Christmas room has a fee.  

This new AR Escape room is the beginning of what is to come.  More rooms and unique challenges are coming soon.

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