Microsoft Excel – Beginning/Intermediate Training Course

Microsoft Excel for Mac 2011 Training Course

Microsoft Excel – Beginning/Intermediate

Hi! I’m Francie Black your course instructor. I’ve taught thousands of people across the globe and trained employees at multiple fortune 500 companies.  This Excel course is taught in a user-friendly, step-by-step method so that you can follow along and do the steps with the me. If you prefer to watch and listen, that works great too!

This course is designed to give you complete confidence in your knowledge of Excel. You will learn core features that you will use and build on throughout the course as we increase your knowledge of key features.

We start with a blank workbook and will build out multiple sheets from entering values to calculations and functions, all the way to building charts and updating data series.  Here’s what will cover:

This course is titled as Beginning Excel but covers many intermediate topics, too!

Can you answer these questions?

  1. What is the difference between workbooks, spreadsheets, templates, sheets, file?
  2. What is the difference between labels and values and why is that important?
  3. Can you confidently use and modify calculations and average, sum, min and max formulas?
  4. When should you convert your data to a table range and what are the pros and cons?
  5. How do I sort and filter my data by multiple criteria?
  6. How do I add a series to a data range and have a chart automatically update?

If you answered “no” to any of these questions, then this course is for you!

What You Will Learn:

Create & Edit Worksheets

Data Automation Tips

Entering Data in Cell Ranges

 Work with Formulas & Functions

Relative vs Absolute References

Moving & Copying Data to New Sheets


 Format & Merge Cells

Number & Currency Formatting

Inserting & Deleting Rows and Columns

 Formatting with the Format Painter

Printing Features & Options

Moving & Copying Data to New Sheets


 Format & Merge Cells

Create & Update Charts

Sorting & Filtering Data

 Working with Tables

 Moving Data to New Worksheets

Working with Images

Who is the Target Audience:

  • This course is excellent for someone brand new to Excel, newer to Excel or someone who has used Excel for a while but is not confident with the many program features.
  • Users new to Excel
  • Users newer to Excel
  • Excel users that have used a limited number of features
  • Excel users that have used Excel but are not confident with the many program features
  • Haven’t used Excel in a while and need a refresher course
  • Have used Excel for Windows and want to have a solid understanding of Excel for Mac
  • Anyone who wants to confirm their knowledge of Excel before jumping into additional features such as pivot tables & extensive formulas

Note for Excel for Windows Users:

Although this course is based on Excel for Mac 2011, all of the Excel features exist in Windows based versions of Excel. Commands may be in slightly different locations but all content applies.

More Info:

  • 4 hours of content
  • Lifetime access to 60 lectures (great for refresher or reference!)
  • $29.00 – Sale $19.99
  • No questions asked refund policy.

Join the class!  We look forward to having you.

Full Course Outline

The course is broken down into 62 lesson topics with each video segment running between 2 – 10 mins long.  The course is set up this way for several reasons:

  • It allows you to easily follow along and do the steps with me.
  • You can easily repeat a specific topic, if desired (rather than having to find a specific topic in the middle of a long video)
  • Because you have full unlimited access to the course materials after you enroll, you can use the videos as a reference tool in case you need a refresher at a later point in time.
  • You can skip a topic if you don’t need it.
  • You can take part of the course now and finish anytime in the future.

If you have questions on the course you can easily post them in comments and I will answer them.  You can also see questions  & answers that other people have posted.

Total course length is about 4 hours.

Lesson 1 - Excel Fundamentals (19:29)

  • Launching Excel (01:03)
  • Adding Excel to your Doc (01:41)
  • Overview of the Excel Program Screen (05:00)
  • Contextual Tabs (02:17)
  • Navigating a Worksheet & Keyboard Tips (03:54)
  • A Bit of Excel Terminology:  Workbook vs Worksheet vs Spreadsheet (2:00)
  • Create, Open & Close a Workbook (2:39)

Lesson 2 - Getting Started with Worksheets (23:59)

  • Entering & Editing Labels & Values (5:20)
  • Entering Data Automatically – Tips (4:01)
  • Saving Your Workbook, Save vs Save As (5:18)
  • Selecting a Cell Range & Entering Data – Tip (3:03)
  • Entering Data in a Cell Range – Tip (1:38)
  • Entering Data:  Labels vs Values (Converting numbers to text) (1:53)
  • Entering and Formatting Dates (2:46)

Lesson 3 - Getting Started with Formulas & Functions (30:48)

  • Functions & Formulas Introduction (4:13)
  • Sum Function, Editing the Formula (3:11)
  • Sum Function.  Copying the Formula (4:08)
  • Math Operators:  Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division (4:35)
  • Formulas:  Absolute vs Relative Reference (8:12)
  • Formula Ribbon (2:06)
  • Formulas:  Average, Min, Max (4:23)

Lesson 4 - Editing a Worksheet (9:50)

  • Moving and Copying Cell Contents (4:36)
  • Copying Cell Contents to a New Sheet (3:33)
  • Paste Menu Options (1:41)

Lesson 5 - Formatting a Worksheet (1:08:52)

  • Formatting Options (4:38)
  • Format and Merge Cells (4:51)
  • Why Format Options on Ribbon are Different (0:58)
  • Number Formatting:  Currency (4:35)
  • Clear Formatting vs Clear Contents (3:20)
  • Adjusting Column Widths (6:10)
  • Adjusting Row Height (3:42)
  • Alignment:  Top, Bottom, Wrap Text (5:27)
  • Insert Rows (5:07)
  • Delete Rows (2:38)
  • Inserting and Deleting Columns (4:41)
  • Adding Cell Borders (5:19)
  • Copy Formatting using Format Painter (2:17)
  • Print & Print Preview (9:12)

Lesson 6 - Working with Charts (28:45)

  • Creating Charts (11:02)
  • Printing Charts (2:36)
  • Updating Data in Charts (1:11)
  • Copying and Moving Charts (5:20)
  • Copying Charts (5:20)
  • Adding a Chart Series (3:16)

Lesson 7 - Sorting Data (17:15)

  • Sorting you Data (3:58)
  • Sorting a Selected Range vs Automated Sorting (3:56)
  • Sorting Outside of a Range (1:41)
  • Sorting a selected Range (4:15)
  • Sort by Multiple Criteria (3:17)

Lesson 8 - Filtering Data (9:08)

  • Filtering Data (3:53)
  • Filter by Number (5:15)

Lesson 9 - Introduction to Tables (6:13)

  • Defining Tables (3:58)
  • Table Features (2:15)

Lesson 10 - Working with Multiple Worksheets (9:17)

  • Creating, Copying and Naming Worksheets (3:22)
  • Moving and Navigating between Worksheets (2:17)
  • Deleting Worksheets & Changing Tab Color (1:22)
  • Printing Multiple Worksheets (2:16)

Lesson 11 - Working with Images (6:12)

  • Inserting and Formatting Images (6:12)

Lesson 12 - Course Certificate & Feedback (0:45)

  • Receiving Your Course Certificate (0:45)
  • Course Feedback (0:10)

Join the class!  We look forward to having you.

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