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Solar Eclipse FI2

Cool Facts about the Total Solar Eclipse &#...

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August 21st promises to be a spectacular event for eclipse enthusiasts and for those with a passing interest. The total eclipse will pass across the country from Salem Oregon to Charleston, SC.  Anyone in the path will

Stay Safe by Getting Advanced Notification of Nearby Lightening with the My Lightening Tracker App

Stay Safe by Getting Advanced Notification ...

Jun 28, 2019No Comments

If you are playing outdoor sports, swimming in a pool or at the beach, you can get notified of nearby lightning strikes using the My Lightning App. The app gives you the warnings you need to


This Top Rated Chore App Helps the Modern P...

Jun 28, 2019No Comments

The new app S’moresUp motivates kids to help around the house by managing chores and earning s’mores reward points. Assign age appropriate chores like folding laundry and unloading the dishwasher. You can also encourage healthy habits

Father's Day

Father’s Day Gift Ideas for the Modern Da...

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The modern dad will appreciate a tech gift for Father’s Day. The modern dad will appreciate a tech gift for Father’s Day.  Check out these ideas that make dad feel special. Solo NY Weekender Backpack This

How to Preserve Old Photos with Kodak Digital Film and Slide Scanners

How to Preserve Old Photos with Kodak Digit...

May 29, 2019Comments off

The iconic KODAK company is preserving precious memories with new products that allow you digitize old photographs. The portable Mobile Film Scanner is a box that expands into a digitizing stand.  Insert your 35mm slides or

Top Free App for Helping You to Quit Smoking Demo Review - Smoke Free

Top Free App to Help You Quit Smoking ̵...

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Quitting smoking can be hard.  The top rated Smoke Free app helps you break the habit using over 20 different proven techniques. Start by entering your smoking habits and your goal.  Your dashboard gives you highlights

Tech Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

Tech Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day R...

May 09, 2019Comments off

Moms love tech as much as dads.  Here’s some cool gift ideas to make mom feel extra special on Mother’s Day. Aura Digital Frame The striking designs of these Aura Smart Digital Frames work in any

Manage Monthly App Subscriptions and Save Money

Beat the Monthly App Subscription Blues and...

Apr 26, 2019Comments off

If you are getting unfamiliar charges from Apple or Google on your credit card, it might be wise to check your app subscriptions. Many apps automatically upgrade from free to pro after a trial period thus

ProxyPic - The uber of Photography - Earn Money by Taking Pictures

Make Money by Taking Pictures with Your Sma...

Apr 19, 2019Comments off

Save time and money by having a proxy take the picture you need. For example, realtors or inspectors often need a picture of a distant location. Using the ProxyPic app you can find someone nearby that

Visor App Review Demo How to do your taxes at a discount and get tax advice

How to File your Taxes Quickly & Easil...

Apr 05, 2019Comments off

It is tax season and there is a new discount app and service that helps you file your personal taxes and provides professional advice.  It is designed to be easy, quick and provide professional advice, all

Steady Job App - How to find part time and gig economy jobs

How to Find Gig Economy Jobs that Help You ...

Mar 20, 2019Comments off

How to Find GIG Economy Jobs to Earn Extra Income Whether you need extra income to pay for a special purchase, vacation or to make ends meet, the new app Steady helps you find gig economy

Outpatient app review and demo family caregiving app

A new app helps the family care team improv...

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A new app helps the family care team improve the care of aging parents.  According to the Family Caregiver Alliance ( over 43 million people have provided care to an adult or child in the last

How to preserve old photos quicly and easily scan my photos service

Don’t lose your old photos to death, divo...

Feb 13, 2019Comments off

Don’t lose precious photographs to disasters.  Some of our most precious memories are stored in shoeboxes and with the recent fires in California and hurricanes and floods in North Carolina, millions of precious family photo memories

smarte pluggits USB wall power adapter covers Fi

Tech Love – Add a Little Gadget Gift ...

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Make this Valentine’s Day unique by adding a little tech gift to go along with your chocolates and flowers.  These cool gift ideas are made up of new products that were featured at CES 2019 (with

Calm app for sleep mediation positive outlook on life

The Top Rated App for Sleep, Meditation and...

Jan 30, 2019Comments off

Today’s app is one of my all time favorites. It is simple, well done and solves a problem for many. We all live hectic lives.  Today’s app is top ranking on the App and Play stores

VR Ride at CES 2019

Future Tech Today at CES 2019

Jan 16, 2019Comments off

I just came back from CES 2019 and it was quite spectacular.  An estimated 180,000 people attended. There were over 4000 exhibitors and press arrived from around the globe.  It is rumored that this is the