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Solar Eclipse FI2

Cool Facts about the Total Solar Eclipse &#...

Aug 02, 2017Comments off

August 21st promises to be a spectacular event for eclipse enthusiasts and for those with a passing interest. The total eclipse will pass across the country from Salem Oregon to Charleston, SC.  Anyone in the path will


Vine Creators Develop a New Hit – Liv...

Nov 15, 2017No Comments

TV game shows are a lot of fun. But for most of us they are like a spectator sport. But now, anyone can be a contestant on the new HQ Trivia App game. It is a


New Google Search Feature: The fastest way...

Nov 08, 2017No Comments

The Pixel 2, iPhone 8, iPhone X and Galaxy Note8 were all recently released to the market.  What are the key differences?  What is the fastest way to find out? Google just came out with a

Apps to keep your kids safe on Halloween

3 Free Apps to Keep your Kids Safe on Hallo...

Oct 31, 2017No Comments

Halloween Safety Apps Halloween is a blast for kids but parents left at home can get worried about their goblins. These 3 free apps allow you to track your children so you know they are safe.


Is The Newest iPhone 8 Only A Means To The ...

Oct 25, 2017No Comments

Following the subdued reception to the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus from media and tech experts across the U.S., tech recycling site has reported an unusually high number of trade-ins of the device, with more trade-ins of


New Pumpkin Carving App Turns Any Picture I...

Oct 25, 2017No Comments

Halloween is next week and we’ve got a fun and creative app to make your Halloween spooktacular. “Me on a Pumpkin” allows you to easily create a stencil of your face to be carved on a


Gazelle Offers 10% More Cash In Preparation...

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Gazelle opened its doors in 2007 and began pioneering the idea of reCommerce. The company launched in 2008 offering a simple online trade-in service with instant quotes and free shipping, and things really began to


Mobile Browser Blocks Ads & Trackers S...

Oct 18, 2017Comments off

Automatically Block Ads & Trackers using Brave Browser When you surf the web do you feel like big companies are tracking every site you visit? Brave Browser blocks tracking, comes with a built-in ad blocker, and


Pros and Cons of Smartphone Insurance. Squ...

Oct 11, 2017Comments off

Smartphone Insurance Comparison SquareTrade vs Cellular Carrier Insurance Plan vs AppleCare+ vs Credit Card Plans   New smartphones are expensive. You will pay over $1,000.00 for an iPhone 10.   The cost to repair a broken screen

Doorbell Cam Pro

August Home Ships Doorbell Cam Pro; Know W...

Oct 10, 2017Comments off

August Home, Inc. the leading provider of smart locks and smart home access products and services, today began shipping the August Doorbell Cam Pro. The August Doorbell Cam Pro lets people see and speak with visitors


New Google Product Lineup

Oct 04, 2017Comments off

What’s New? Google Pixel 2 (Pixel 2 $649 & Pixel 2 XL $849) for Limited time comes with a Google Home Mini Google Home Mini $49 Google Home Max $399 Google Pixelbook $999 Google Pen $99


New iOS 11 Productivity Features Specifical...

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Increased Productivity with iOS 11 on iPad We explored iOS 11 New Features on the iPhone last week. This week we’ll look at new iOS 11 features specific to the iPad that improve functionality, allowing you

iOS 11 New Features Fi

5 New iOS 11 Features – Fun, Producti...

Sep 28, 2017Comments off

5 New Fun, Productive, and Safety Features in IOS 11 Apple’s new iOS 11 comes with many fun bells and whistles, as well as, many productivity enhancing and safety features.  We are going to look at

Propy Announces World’s First Real Es...

Sep 26, 2017Comments off

Press Release Issued by:  Propy International Real Estate The world’s first-ever real estate purchase on the Ethereum blockchain—and how it opens the floodgates for cryptocurrency to enter the physical world. The $217 trillion international real estate

iOS 11 New Features - How to cstomize the Control Panel Center

iOS 11 New Features: How to customize the ...

Sep 22, 2017Comments off

There are hundreds of new features in iOS 11.  One of the first ones you will encounter is the new Control Center.  It has new features and you can customize it.  See how on today’s iOS

Share your photos Event Group Photo Sharing

An easy and free way to share event picture...

Sep 20, 2017Comments off

Group photo sharing made easy If you have a Girls weekend, soccer game, bridal shower, or family reunion and you want everyone to share their photos, the “Share your Photos” App makes it easy and convenient