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Solar Eclipse FI2

Cool Facts about the Total Solar Eclipse &#...

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August 21st promises to be a spectacular event for eclipse enthusiasts and for those with a passing interest. The total eclipse will pass across the country from Salem Oregon to Charleston, SC.  Anyone in the path will

How Google Assistant Helps Keep You Informed on the 2018 Winter Olympics

How Google Assistant can keep you informed ...

Feb 14, 2018No Comments

Google Assistant’s Winter Olympic Guide Google assistant is geared up to be your personal guide for the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics. Stay up to date on the latest competitions by asking your assistant questions. She’ll responds

Valentine's Gift Ideas under 30 dollars

Valentine’s Day Tech Gifts That won&#...

Feb 07, 2018No Comments

Unique tech gifts that won’t break the bank Everybody loves tech. I’ve got some fun tech gift ideas that you can give along with flowers and chocolates this Valentine’s Day. These unique gifts won’t break the

How to trade in your old smartphones tablets and computers for cash

How to get instant cash for old smartphones...

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Guest Article by: Yanyan Ji, SVP Marketing and GM, ecoATM Gazelle About ecoATM Gazelle: ecoATM Gazelle kiosks provide an easy and convenient ways for consumers to earn money for old smartphones, tablets and computers. ecoATM Gazelle pays

Eco ATM Gazelle New Phone Checklist

ecoATM Gazelle’s 5 tips for setting up a ...

Dec 18, 2017Comments off

Guest Post by:  ecoATM Gazelle According to the Consumer Technology Association, smartphones are among the top requested tech gifts by adults this holiday season. With that in mind, ecoATM Gazelle has prepared the following checklist to guide

Google Santa Tracker 2017

Skydive with Santa to Catch Presents: Goog...

Dec 13, 2017Comments off

We’re counting down the days until the jolly ‘ol elf arrives and Google has made a special Santa doodle to keep the kids entertained with an animated surprise each day. Explore Santa’s village at Click

Google Year in Search Trends 2017 Video

Google Reveals its 2017 Top Search Trends L...

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What was on people’s minds in 2017? Google knows! I spoke with Google Trends expert LaToya Drake early this morning about Google’s top search trends in 2017. The topics people are most interested in the US

Tech Gifts for Kids and Teens for Under $10

Tech the Halls: Kids & Teen Stocking S...

Dec 06, 2017Comments off

Tech the Halls: Stocking Stuffer Gifts for Under $10 Tech gifts can get expensive but if your need some useful colorful stocking stuffers, we’ve got some ideas for you. has got an entire section of

Unique Tech Gifts For The Family

Unique Tech Gift Ideas for Everyone in the ...

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Unique Tech Gift Ideas for Everyone in the Family They will never guess what it is inside the box. Apple watches, Bluetooth speakers and tablets are all awesome gifts but they are not so  unique. If


Tech Tips: How to Save Money on Christmas ...

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Prices on Amazon go up and down all of the time, even throughout a single day. The price fluctuations are called dynamic pricing. So, how do you know if you are buying at the best time?


“Reality Check: Technology makes it e...

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Read the full article at   “Francie Black, technology consultant with, said she has tested quite a few systems and the one she prefers is called Blink. It’s a camera synced with the free app that allows you


Vine Creators Develop a New Hit – Liv...

Nov 15, 2017Comments off

TV game shows are a lot of fun. But for most of us they are like a spectator sport. But now, anyone can be a contestant on the new HQ Trivia App game. It is a


New Google Search Feature: The fastest way...

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The Pixel 2, iPhone 8, iPhone X and Galaxy Note8 were all recently released to the market.  What are the key differences?  What is the fastest way to find out? Google just came out with a

Apps to keep your kids safe on Halloween

3 Free Apps to Keep your Kids Safe on Hallo...

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Halloween Safety Apps Halloween is a blast for kids but parents left at home can get worried about their goblins. These 3 free apps allow you to track your children so you know they are safe.


Is The Newest iPhone 8 Only A Means To The ...

Oct 25, 2017Comments off

Following the subdued reception to the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus from media and tech experts across the U.S., tech recycling site has reported an unusually high number of trade-ins of the device, with more trade-ins of


New Pumpkin Carving App Turns Any Picture I...

Oct 25, 2017Comments off

Halloween is next week and we’ve got a fun and creative app to make your Halloween spooktacular. “Me on a Pumpkin” allows you to easily create a stencil of your face to be carved on a