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Share your photos Event Group Photo Sharing

An easy and free way to share event picture...

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Group photo sharing made easy If you have a Girls weekend, soccer game, bridal shower, or family reunion and you want everyone to share their


Is owning Bitcoin illegal in the U.S.?

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A recent study by show that of those who have heard of Bitcoin 48% were unsure of its legality in the US. Bitcoin, a

Apple Product Announcement in 3.5 mins

Key Features: New iPhone X, Apple Watch, an...

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Apple Introduces New iPhones, Watch and Apple TV in time for Shopping Season Apple made their annual fall product announcements on Tuesday, Sept 12 from

WorldCard Mobile App The best Free Mobile Business Card Scanning App

Top Free Business Card Scanning App

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There are all kinds of business card scanning apps. Many of them don’t scan the information accurately and others simply take an image of a

Apps for clearing up your photos

Free Apps for Deleting Duplicate Photos to ...

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If you are like me, your photos & videos quickly fill up your smartphone storage space. I’ve got a couple of free apps that help

Greenlight Debit Card for Kids

How does Greenlight App and Debit Card for ...

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Greenlight App & Card The Debit Card for Kids, Managed by Mom If you would like to give your children some spending freedom but with

Solar Eclipse Smartphone iPhone Android Photo Tips

Quick Tip – Eclipse Smartphone Photo ...

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The total eclipse is going to be spectacular and is predicted to be one of the most shared photo events in social media.  You don’t

3 top apps for school photomath periodic table edx review demo

Top Apps for School that Make Learning Easy...

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School is back in session and I’ve got three awesome apps to help you make the grades.  These free apps go beyond basic features and have

Cool Facts about the Total Solar Eclipse &#...

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August 21st promises to be a spectacular event for eclipse enthusiasts and for those with a passing interest. The total eclipse will pass across the

LiquidSky on Game Controller

New! LiquidSky Cloud Gaming Platform for An...

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LiquidSky Android Version Just Released Playing computer games on Steam, Blizzard, or other game libraries traditionally requires a powerful computer, which can be expensive and

Bitcoin Image

How is bitcoin created? How do you get bit...

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Tech Time – What is bitcoin? Part 2 How are bitcoin created?  How do you get bitcoin? Last week we talked about how bitcoin is a

What is bitcoin? How is it Created? How is it used?

What is bitcoin? How is it created & ...

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What is bitcoin? An introduction to bitcoin cryptocurrency, in (mostly) non-technical terms. Andrew emailed me and asked a challenging question, “Can you explain bitcoin?” If

Keepsafe photo vault Store Drivers license pictures Passport Insurance cards safely of phone

How to Privately and Securely Store Driver&...

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If you want to keep copies of your driver’s license, ID cards, passport, insurance cards on your phone but you want to keep this sensitive

How to use Google Job Search New Features FI

How to Use Google’s New Job Search Fe...

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Tech Time – Google for Jobs How to Use Google’s New Job Search Feature Google just announced its new “Google for Jobs” search feature that

Tech Gifts for Father's Day 2017

No Ties or Socks. Unique Tech Gifts for Fa...

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You won’t find any socks or ties in our Father’s Day gift guide but if you are looking for unique tech gifts for dad we’ve