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How to trade in your old smartphones tablets and computers for cash

How to get instant cash for old smartphones...

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Guest Article by: Yanyan Ji, SVP Marketing and GM, ecoATM Gazelle About ecoATM Gazelle: ecoATM Gazelle kiosks provide an easy and convenient ways for consumers to

Eco ATM Gazelle New Phone Checklist

ecoATM Gazelle’s 5 tips for setting up a ...

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Guest Post by:  ecoATM Gazelle According to the Consumer Technology Association, smartphones are among the top requested tech gifts by adults this holiday season. With that

Tech Tips: How to Save Money on Christmas ...

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Prices on Amazon go up and down all of the time, even throughout a single day. The price fluctuations are called dynamic pricing. So, how

Apps to keep your kids safe on Halloween

3 Free Apps to Keep your Kids Safe on Hallo...

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Halloween Safety Apps Halloween is a blast for kids but parents left at home can get worried about their goblins. These 3 free apps allow

New Pumpkin Carving App Turns Any Picture I...

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Halloween is next week and we’ve got a fun and creative app to make your Halloween spooktacular. “Me on a Pumpkin” allows you to easily


Mobile Browser Blocks Ads & Trackers S...

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Automatically Block Ads & Trackers using Brave Browser When you surf the web do you feel like big companies are tracking every site you visit?

Greenlight Debit Card for Kids

How does Greenlight App and Debit Card for ...

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Greenlight App & Card The Debit Card for Kids, Managed by Mom If you would like to give your children some spending freedom but with

3 top apps for school photomath periodic table edx review demo

Top Apps for School that Make Learning Easy...

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School is back in session and I’ve got three awesome apps to help you make the grades.  These free apps go beyond basic features and have

What is bitcoin? How is it Created? How is it used?

What is bitcoin? How is it created & ...

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What is bitcoin? An introduction to bitcoin cryptocurrency, in (mostly) non-technical terms. Andrew emailed me and asked a challenging question, “Can you explain bitcoin?” If

Keepsafe photo vault Store Drivers license pictures Passport Insurance cards safely of phone

How to Privately and Securely Store Driver&...

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If you want to keep copies of your driver’s license, ID cards, passport, insurance cards on your phone but you want to keep this sensitive

How to use Google Job Search New Features FI

How to Use Google’s New Job Search Fe...

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Tech Time – Google for Jobs How to Use Google’s New Job Search Feature Google just announced its new “Google for Jobs” search feature that

Sortly App - track your personal valuables collectable inventory tracking

Moving? Track your valuables with images, t...

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How to keep track of your valuables & stuff in an organized and easy way Sortly App Review & Demo If you are clearing out

Unfade, an award winning photo scanner app ...

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Product Announcement / News Release By:  Unfade.io   Unfade is the photo album scanner in your pocket. It’s the best way to rapidly capture analog

JRNL App Review Demo Pros Con Benefits Features

Easy and Convenient Journaling – Anyt...

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JRNL App – Features & Benefits Easy and Convenient Journaling – Anytime, Anyplace Personal journaling is a method of saving thoughts for self-reflection and growth.

Frenchie bathroom 900p

BrilliantPad: The Self-Cleaning Dog Potty

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BrilliantPad: The Self-Cleaning Dog Potty Guest Post by:  Alan J. Cook, CEO and Founder   BrilliantPad™ is an automatic, self-cleaning potty pad, designed for use