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ProxyPic - The uber of Photography - Earn Money by Taking Pictures

Make Money by Taking Pictures with Your Sma...

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Save time and money by having a proxy take the picture you need. For example, realtors or inspectors often need a picture of a distant

Steady Job App - How to find part time and gig economy jobs

How to Find Gig Economy Jobs that Help You ...

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How to Find GIG Economy Jobs to Earn Extra Income Whether you need extra income to pay for a special purchase, vacation or to make

Outpatient app review and demo family caregiving app

A new app helps the family care team improv...

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A new app helps the family care team improve the care of aging parents.  According to the Family Caregiver Alliance ( over 43 million people

Calm app for sleep mediation positive outlook on life

The Top Rated App for Sleep, Meditation and...

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Today’s app is one of my all time favorites. It is simple, well done and solves a problem for many. We all live hectic lives. 

How To track new and bad habits for new years resolutions copy

A Free and Simple App to Help you Keep Your...

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Do you have a hard time keeping your New Year’s Resolutions?  Some say it takes 14 days while others say it takes 21 days to

Santa Scan - Tell if your child has been naughty or nice

Scan your Child on Santa’s Naughty or...

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Santa is checking his list and he knows who’s naughty and nice.  Have some fun with the kids to find out what he thinks with

1 - Dance Boogie on Google Santa Village Santa Tracker site

Family Fun: Google’s Free Christmas ...

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Now that school is out, join in on the fun games at  All of the games are free and are a mix of creative

The New Augmented Reality Escape Room Scrip...

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Tech Time – Scriptum Augmented Reality Escape Room Game Real escape rooms are a popular craze.  The brand new app SCRIPTUM uses augmented reality to

How to save money when shopping online this Christmas FI

5 Ways to Save when Shopping Online this Ho...

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Christmas is coming and our so are those shopping bills.  I’ve got 5 quick tech tips that can help you save money while shopping online. 

How To Use Apples Shortcut App to Automate Tasks on iPhone FI2

Automate Tasks on you iPhone with AppleR...

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Apple’s new Shortcuts app helps you automate tasks on your iPhone. Shortcuts is a free app that is automatically installed on your iPhone when you

Musitude App Review and Demo Play Musical Instruments on Your Phone FI

Can’t Play an Instrument? A New App ...

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A New App Turns Typing into Music  If you don’t know how to play a musical instrument but you know how to type, you can

LMAO - Funny Apps, jokes, Laugh

Relieve a Little Stress with a Humorous App...

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Some researchers say that laughter is the best medicine.  We’ve got an app today, that will give your gut a giggle. Feeling rundown and need

iOS 12 New Features and Benefits FI

iOS 12 New Features & Benefits –...

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Tech Time – iOS 12 New Features and Benefits Fun. Productive. Finer Control. Apple’s new iOS 12  smartphone operating system is loaded with new features;

New Google Search Feature for Helping Veterans and Their Spouses find Jobs

New Google Search Feature: Google Creates ...

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Noovie Arcade Theater Group

Summer Movie Fun – Free Augmented Reality...

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Summer Movie Fun – Free Augmented Reality Game Play on the Big Screen Movie night with family and friends at AMC, Cinemark, Regal and other