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How many people are victims of cyber crimes

Can you detect this email phishing scam? S...

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Can you detect this email phishing scam? Cyber crimes affect millions of Americans.  Have you been duped into revealing personal information through email scams?  See

How Google Assistant Helps Keep You Informed on the 2018 Winter Olympics

How Google Assistant can keep you informed ...

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Google Assistant’s Winter Olympic Guide Google assistant is geared up to be your personal guide for the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics. Stay up to date

New Google Search Feature: The fastest way...

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The Pixel 2, iPhone 8, iPhone X and Galaxy Note8 were all recently released to the market.  What are the key differences?  What is the

Apps to keep your kids safe on Halloween

3 Free Apps to Keep your Kids Safe on Hallo...

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Halloween Safety Apps Halloween is a blast for kids but parents left at home can get worried about their goblins. These 3 free apps allow

New iOS 11 Productivity Features Specifical...

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Increased Productivity with iOS 11 on iPad We explored iOS 11 New Features on the iPhone last week. This week we’ll look at new iOS

Fix Your Digital Security Risks in a Weeken...

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Fix Your Digital Security Risks in a Weekend By: Shaun Murphy, CEO of The average American has about 27 unique online logins according to

How to use Google Job Search New Features FI

How to Use Google’s New Job Search Fe...

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Tech Time – Google for Jobs How to Use Google’s New Job Search Feature Google just announced its new “Google for Jobs” search feature that


Shopping on Amazon? How to see if a produc...

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If you are an avid Amazon shopper you may be aware that product prices change frequently on the site. If you want to make sure

Google Flight Search How to find the best prices on airfare - atl Boston

Google Flight Search – How to find th...

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Google Flight Search – How to find the best prices on airfare. Are you thinking about taking a trip this summer but you are not

iPhone iPad iOS 9 New Feature How to attach and send a document in mail

iOS 9 New Features – How to Add File ...

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iOS 9 New Features – How to add File Attachments in the Mail App. Prior to iOS 9 you could insert images and video into

Personalize Siri Part 2 How to have siri call you mother spouse brother

Personalizing Siri (Part 2): How to have S...

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Personalize Siri to call your son, mother, or give you directions to your brother’s office. To further personalize your iPhone, you can “teach” Siri who your

Personalize Siri How to have siri give directions home iphone ios

Personalizing Siri (Part 1): How to have S...

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How to have Siri automatically give me directions home or call home. There are multiple ways to have Siri to learn about you in order to automate

Predictive Text how to turn it on, off, hide it, reveal it

iPhone Tip: Predictive Text. How to turn ...

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iOS 8 Tips & Tricks: Predictive Text.  Some people love using predictive text but others feel it an interruption to their work flow.  In this

How to create Keyboard Shortcuts on your iPhone

iPhone Tip: Creating Keyboard Shortcuts on...

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What custom phrases do you repeatedly type on your iPhone – address, directions, “call you in a min”?  Creating Keyboard “Shortcuts” can save you time and typos.  Keyboard Shortcuts

iPhone tip What is the control panel on my iPhone how do I access it what do the buttons do

iPhone Tips: What is the iPhone Control Pa...

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Can you name each of the buttons on the iPhone Control Panel and do you know what they do?  The Control Panel on the iPhone