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Keepsafe photo vault Store Drivers license pictures Passport Insurance cards safely of phone

How to Privately and Securely Store Driver&...

Jun 30, 2017Comments off

If you want to keep copies of your driver’s license, ID cards, passport, insurance cards on your phone but you want to keep this sensitive

6 Apps to Transform the Way You Travel

Mar 31, 2017Comments off

Guest Post by: Alexandra Shostak, CopyPress. When you’re looking for great travel apps, your options extend far beyond the ones that find hotels and book

Phone Being Stolen From Pocket BW with photo Credit

How to catch a smartphone thief – Loc...

Aug 10, 2016Comments off

Take a stealth picture of a smartphone thief or phone intruder Lockwatch is a very cool Android app that can help you catch a smartphone

Focus App Demo while driving by Francie Black

Focus App – Train yourself not use yo...

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Are you a driver that is tempted to pickup your smartphone?  How about at stoplights? Distracted driving is a serious problem and Focus is a

Google Flight Search How to find the best prices on airfare - atl Boston

Google Flight Search – How to find th...

Jun 01, 2016Comments off

Google Flight Search – How to find the best prices on airfare. Are you thinking about taking a trip this summer but you are not

icirround ishowfast for backing up photos on iphone ipad ipod 2

How to back up your iPhone, iPad, iPod with...

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Jenny emailed us the following question, “I’ll be traveling in a few weeks. Is there an easy way to back up my smartphone? There are

destination on Google New Vacation search and planner Review and Demo

Just Released! Destinations on Google ̵...

Mar 09, 2016Comments off

Do you love to travel but hate the planning? If so, you may want to check out Google’s brand new Destinations feature (public release today).

Google Translate App Demo with Voice Translation

Google Translate: Voice, keyboard, written...

Jul 08, 2015Comments off

Google Translate:  Translate voice, keyboard input, handwriting and images. Google Translate is an amazing app that translates what you say to writing, as well as, to

Touchnote app send postcard and greeting cards using your pictures on smartphone FI

TouchNote App: Send Real Postcards & ...

Jun 24, 2015Comments off

If you are traveling this summer and want to share your experience in a unique personal way, try Touchnote app.  Touchnote is an awesome app that

Hopper App Finding the Cheapest Prices on Airfare

Airfare prediction App – Hopper. Hel...

May 13, 2015Comments off

Airline Price Predictor App – Hopper Review & Demo Finding the lowest airline prices There are lots of travel apps but Hopper, a new entrant

Periscope App by Twitter FI

Twitter’s Periscope App. Broadcast t...

Apr 22, 2015Comments off

Twitter is diving into live interactive broadcast video with its March 2015 acquisition of Periscope and its mobile app by the same name.  Periscope app allows you

Waze Navigation App Review and Demo

Community Driving Navigation App Waze: Rev...

Apr 01, 2015Comments off

    Waze App is fun and useful for daily driving, as well as, for longer road trips.  The community of “Wazers” contributes to the daily

Share My Location FI

iOS 8 Tips and Tricks: Share a friend or f...

Oct 29, 2014Comments off

In this iOS 8 tip, we’ll show you how to track a friend or family member’s active location using the new “Share My Location” feature.

BACtrack Vio Review and Demo on ABC news with Francie Black image

BACtrack Vio App & Device Review. Wha...

Aug 27, 2014Comments off

If you have one or two drinks, what would you guess your blood alcohol content (BAC) would register on a breathalyzer test?  After those one

Hotel Tonight App Review with Francie Black ABC News

Hotel Tonight App: Saving you money on las...

Jul 24, 2014Comments off

Would you like to save money on last minute hotel reservations?  Hotel Tonight mobile app is focused on providing the lowest available pricing for you.