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Cell Control Distracted Driver

How many people are killed in crashes involving distracted driving?

      Do you know how many people were killed or injured last year

Google Nexus7 vs Ipad Mini Thumbnail

Google Nexus 7 vs iPad Mini with retina display

How do you choose between so many mobile devices? It is difficult. In today’s App


Saving Text Messages – Android, iOS, TouchCopy

Have you ever wanted to save the history of your text messages? Maybe you have

Logitech PowerShell Game Controller

Your Sneak Preview into International CES (Consumer Electronics Showcase)

Your Sneak preview into International CES (Consumer Electronics Showcase) Over 160,000 industry affiliates from all

Apple and Nelson Mandela

I was shocked when I saw this on Apple’s website today.  In the height of

ChromeCast Vs AppleTV Review

Google Chromecast vs Apple TV

Are you looking for the perfect Christmas gift?  Over the next three weeks we’ll be

Chicken Invaders Thanksgiving Fun

Chicken Invaders & other Great Thanksgiving Apps!

Chicken Invaders & other Great Thanksgiving apps!  Thanksgiving is right around the corner and today’s

Wallet TrackR App Icon

App Chat: TrackR

App Chat:  TrackR, Helping you find important things in life. How many times have you

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