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  1. Love the shows on news 13 WLOS!

  2. Excited to be informed. Look forward to seeing you tomorrow. Send me more details about meeting tomorrow. Joan Sammons. God bless you for your help.

  3. Really enjoy watching your segment on News 13

  4. Is there a person you recommend for beginners at the computer? Have had an iPhone for years, but now am (finally) considering the computer and wifi being put in home. It’s been ten yrs since have had computer in home, so figure things have changed a bit. Who can I communicate with to start “at the Contemporary Beginning”!?

    • Hi Mary – Thanks for the note. I might have someone that can help you. Can you email me at with your email address? I’ll see what I can do. Thank you!

  5. Hello, I’ve been watching your great segments on WLOS in the past as time permits. Awesome info – congratulations on these info! I’ve not dealt too much with IPhones & IPads but recently bought an IPad. Now I’m teaching myself how to use it.

    Following you and looking forward to all of your posts and your web page.

    For your information I’ve been in business for 31 years in the pic world but not much experience in your field. I own and operate Benjamin Computer Services Inc. I do data recovery, and malware/ virus removal + offsite data backup.

    • Thank you John! Glad you like the segments!! I’ll check out Benjamin Computer Services.

  6. Am interested in free app you mentioned today in WLOs feature. Thanks!

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